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June 1, 2016 Developer Meeting

Action Items from Last Meeting

  • Dyrcona to write up bug report for nodejs installation item on Ubuntu 14.04
    • Status: Resolved by upstream
  • Dyrcona will work on Xenial Xerus Evergreen and OpenSRF support between now and the EG conference
    • Status: Done by csharp, bshum, and Dyrcona
  • gmcharlt will send an email to the mailing lists announcing the Pg dependency change
    • Status: Done
  • Various folks will do more detailed evaluation/testing of Sqitch prior to the EG conference, with an eye towards having more informed discussions
    • Status: Bill pushed a version of the Sqitch setup with a reified database (1 schema file and a handful of data files) for discussion. Confirmed Ubuntu 16.04 has a Sqitch package. Need to explore release-building options (presumably via 'sqitch bundle –from foo –to bar'). Probably other stuff too.


Release info


  • Waiting for review on following OpenSRF issues:
    • Enable mod_perl by default for Debian Jessie and Ubuntu Trusty (see LP#1585042)
    • Debian / apache dependency issues in OpenSRF master (aka, future 2.5) (see LP#1585041)
  • After review, time to make OpenSRF 2.4.2 maintenance release?


  • Evergreen 2.11 Release Update

New Business

Feedback for New Features Under Development

  • Looking for volunteers to test and compare EDI data on LP 1373690.
    • Find a PO that has an edi_message with message_type = ORDERS.
    • Generate EDI using the new code:
      • ./ –test-mode –po-id 12345
    • Compare new EDI to EDI from the existing edi_message. Timestamp fields will differ, but other fields should match.
    • Do this with various vendors.
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