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July 2021 Developer Meeting

Date: 13 July 2021

Time: 3:00 pm Eastern / 12:00 pm Pacific

Location: #evergreen IRC channel on Libera

Action Items from Last Meeting

  • JBoyer will for-really-this-time work with csharp to update mailman settings and make an announcement to the lists ahead of time.


Release info


  • [placeholder]


  • [placeholder]


  • [placeholder]


  • [placeholder]

Launchpad Status

  • Open Bugs - 2533
  • Pullrequests - 135
  • Signedoff - 38
Updates Since Last Meeting
  • Bugs Added - 41
  • Pullrequest tag Added - 27
  • Signedoff tag Added - 11
  • Fix Committed - 16

New Business

  • Offer official staff interface support for (modern) Edge?
    • Pro: Edge is rebranded Chromium, so fundamental incompatibilities appear to be unlikely. Main risk may be popular be Edge-only add-ons.
    • Con: would be another thing to test.
    • Con: Some effort would be required around Hatch. There's a decent chance that the Chrome extension would Just Work, and it looks like it's possible to have Edge install extensions from the Chrome store, but a seamless experience probably entails getting the Hatch extension into the Edge store.
    • Discussion: What does support mean?
      • Actively testing on Edge, at least during major release milestones?
      • Willingness to accept Edge compatibility bugs?
      • Both?
    • Data point: staff interface is not obviously broken as of today
    • Data point: this is coming from a Real Library inquiry, not just theoretical.


  • Next Meeting is August 10, 2021

Feedback for New Features Under Development

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