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June 11th, 2024 Developer Meeting

Date: 11 June 2024

Time: 3:00 pm Eastern / 12:00 pm Pacific

Location: #evergreen IRC channel on Libera

Action Items from Last Meeting

  • gmcharlt - create a Git commit message type and update bug 2051946
  • mmorgan will explore moving LP stats to community site and automating same
  • Dyrcona will take a look at bug 1017990 for merging into main and 3.13
  • eeevil will open a bug for cross-column stats targets
  • eeevil will see about merging bug 2042158
  • kmlussier will update wiki (commit message standards) to include details about shared components/pullrequest rule for LP tagging on multi-commits


Release info









Launchpad Status (as of noon Eastern)

  • Open Bugs - 3050
  • Pullrequests - 82
  • Signedoff - 11
Updates Since Last Meeting
  • Bugs Added - 43
  • Pullrequest tag Added - 12
  • Signedoff tag Added - 11
  • Fix Committed - 21

New Business

  • translation infrastructure: eliminate Launchpad in favor of POEditor - Stephanie/3.13 team
  • Outstanding roadblocks to merging OpenSRF Redis?
  • Backport guidelines? What should be backported? - Stephanie/code review team
    • String changes?
    • Database changes?


  • Next Meeting is Tuesday, July 9th 2024
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