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The Template Toolkit OPAC Release Notes

The Template Toolkit OPAC (TPac) is a new Evergreen catalog built using a combination Perl's Template Toolkit and Apache/mod_perl. The primary design goals for the new catalog are speed and accessibility. This is accomplished by leveraging server-generated content in lieu of JavaScript rendering on the client. The project started as a clone of the custom King County OPAC skin. The new skin uses the same design elements, but essentially all JavaScript has been removed and replaced with Template Toolkit components for page rendering.

Initially, TPac will be merged into Evergreen 2.2 as a drop-in replacement for the HTML-only SlimPAC. With minor configuration, it can also act as a drop-in replacement for the standard OPAC. In time, …

Design Benefits

  • Speed (initial page loading and rendering)
  • Cross-browser consistency
  • Flexible template engine (overlays, etc.) improves skinning
  • Accessibility
  • gettext-based string translations
  • Reduced per-feature speed cost
  • Simplified error tracking. (Errors occur on the server).
  • Reduced variability of code in the wild (JS caching)
  • Reduced bandwidth requirements
  • Reduced client resources (RAM/CPU) requirements
  • JavaScript/AJAX is still an option when needed (e.g. added content, staff client integration)


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