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Checklist for Evergreen release notes

Since a raw ChangeLog won't really do as release notes for anything except a tiny minor release of Evergreen, here's a list of items to include when compiling notes for a major release.

  • Installation/upgrade requirements and changes
    • Major new versions of dependent packages such as Postgres
    • Anything that would count as a major gotcha when upgrading – sure, these would also be included in the upgrade documentation, but this is one case where repetition can help.
    • Anything that would count as a required configuration task after upgrading.
  • New modules
  • Major architectural changes
  • New functionality to existing modules
    • Acquisitions
    • Cataloging
      • Vandelay
    • Circulation
      • Receipt printing
      • Holds management
    • OPAC
      • Search subsystem
    • Reports
    • Serials
    • Staff client (general)
  • Security considerations and bugfixes
  • Significant bugfixes (in principle, a list of all bugs fixed for the first time in the new release could be generated, but that might be better off in an appendix so as to not overwhelm the main release notes with a lot of trivia. Of course, what counts as a significant bugfix? YMMV).
  • I18N
    • New/deleted translations
  • Administrative settings and details
    • New/changed/deleted administration and configuration pages
    • New/changed/deleted server-side configuration files and settings
    • New/changed/deleted library settings
    • New/changed/deleted user setting types
    • New/changed/deleted global and internal flags (if relevant to the average user or Evergreen administrator)
    • New/changed/deleted user permissions
    • New/changed/deleted cronjobs and residents of /openils/bin
  • Credits (Galen's suggestion - include the names of libraries that have sponsored work and the names of individuals who have contributed patches.)
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