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Evergreen Simplified Chinese Version Project

(edited by Grace Liu)

The major localization steps and concerns identified for creating an Evergreen Simplified Chinese Version:

Translating the interface (starting from November 2007, in progress)

  • Catalogue interface : lang.dtd, opac.dtd (1st draft completed in January 2008)
  • Staff client

Other specific localization aspects (under consideration)

  • Collating sequences: PostgreSQL support UTF-8, in which Chinese characters are sorted by Bi Hua, the number of strokes it takes to draw each character. In GB, there are 3 levels of Chinese characters, in which the most popular characters sorted by Pinyin. A match table or other methods may be considered for the result lists and browse function.
  • Currency: adding CNY (China, yuan, renminbi), and Yen (Japanese), for acquisitions module in the future.
  • Mixture of Chinese characters, Roman characters, etc.
  • Time and date formatting: using yyyy-mm-dd
  • Formats: changing address formats, numeric formats to meet Chinese conventions
  • Report layouts: matching the paper type (China: A4 as default, US: Letter as default)
  • Color and layout: okay for now, may use grey or other colors instead of green in the future
  • Performance: the telecommunications infrastructure (Internet speed, bandwidth capacity) may need to be considered for the system performance. The size of images may need to be cut down accordingly.
  • Maintenance: content should be kept updated with the original English version

Supplemental online discussion group (English/Chinese) to the the open-ils-dev list:

Anyone interested in this project is welcome to join the group and post in English or Chinese. The list is maintained by Jason Zou (Lakehead University) and Grace Liu (University of Windsor).

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