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Copy Statuses

You can use this CGI to configure the statuses into which copies can be placed. The Statuses with a SysID less than 100 are reserved for use internally and cannot be removed, but they can be renamed if your Consortium uses a different term for that status. Statuses over 100 are for additional categories defined by your library. You can also toggle the holdablility of system Statuses.

The default set of Copy Statuses should be fine for most libraries.

Note that copies in Unholdable Statuses will not be counted in the non-staff OPAC on the hitlist pages. The rational behind this is that copies in a completely unholdable Statuses (such as Bindery or Reserves (basically a Cataloger-placed hold in PINES)) cannot be found in the library for checkout or hold placement.

If you have not already done so, please see Organization and Policy Editing for general information on changing policies within Evergreen.

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