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Configuring SIP2 clients for use with Evergreen

This page describes how to configure various SIP2 devices and clients to connect to an Evergreen system's SIP2 interface. Since many of the systems described here are proprietary or are not available for general community testing, caveat lector.

Self-checkout machines

ITG - Apex XpressCheck

Client/machine version tested 7.7.7
SIP server connection mode RAW

Using the XpressCheck Configuration application, set the following values:

Tab Setting Value
Communications Communication Type TCP
Communications Protocol 2.00
Communications Host IP SIP server IP address
Communications Host Port SIP server port
Communications Login Script {P4}
SIP Login Packet 93 then 99
SIP Login User ID SIP account username
SIP Login Password SIP account password
SIP CP Location Code SIP institution code
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