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Evergreen SIP Server with SIP2Mediator (Testing Edition)

Quick Setup

Evergreen Configuration

  • Install the latest working branch from bug #1901930
  • If necessary…
    • Apply SQL changes
    • Apply opensrf.xml additions to support the new open-ils.sip2 service and restart Evergreen.
    • Apply Apache eg_vhost.conf and eg_startup changes required to load the new Apache module and reload Apache.
    • Create an Evergreen user account with adequate permissions to perform as a SIP user (See Adding SIP Users).
      • The password for this Evergreen account can be anything (the stronger the better). It will never be used directly.
      • For testing, the stock 'admin' account works fine.
  • In the staff client, navigate to Administration => Server Administration => SIP Accounts and click 'New Account' to create a new SIP account.
    • Set the "ILS Username" to match the Evergreen user account created above.
    • Click the "Set Password" button to apply a SIP account password.
    • "Workstation", "Transient", "Activity Who" are optional.
    • Check the 'Enabled' checkbox.
    • Save changes.

SIP2Mediator Setup

These instructions assume the SIP2Mediator is running on an Ubuntu server. It also assumes the SIP2Mediator is running on the same host as Evergreen. See the –help options to specify non-default listen address for SIP and the target HTTP address.

More information about the mediator may be found at

sudo apt install build-essential libjson-xs-perl libnet-https-nb-perl libdatetime-perl
sudo cpan URL::Encode::XS
git clone
cd SIP2Mediator
# run the mediator on localhost
PERL5LIB=lib ./bin/sip2-mediator # see --help for full options


  • Assumes SIP2Mediator is running on localhost
  • Assumes Concerto data
  • See –help for more options

From within the SIP2Mediator directory:

PERL5LIB=lib ./bin/sip2-client --pretty --institution example \                
    --sip-username sip-username-you-just-created \                             
    --sip-password sip-password-you-just-created \                             
    --item-barcode CONC4000080 -message item-information  
  • The response should look like this
[93] Login Request
uid algorithm                     0
pwd algorithm                     0
[CN] login user id                sip-username-you-just-created
[CO] login password               sip-password-you-just-created
[RECEIVED, duration: 0.158]:
[94] Login Response
ok                                1
[17] Item Information Request
transaction date                  20201130    162815
[AO] institution id               example
[AB] item identifier              CONC4000080
[RECEIVED, duration: 0.062]:
[18] Item Information Response
circulation status                04
security marker                   02
fee type                          01
transaction date                  20201130    162815
[AB] item identifier              CONC4000080
[AH] due date                     2020-11-24 13:55:34
[AJ] title identifier             The piano concertos
[AP] current location             BR1
[AQ] permanent location           BR1
[BG] owner                        BR1
[BH] currency type                USD
[BV] fee amount                   0.00
[CF] hold queue length            0
[CK] media type                   001
[CM] hold pickup date
[CT] destination location         BR1
[CY] hold patron id
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