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Evergreen 2.4 Documentation Needs

Below are new 2.4 features that need documentation. If you volunteer to create documentation, add your name in blue. Additional information about each of these features may be available in the 2.4 release notes.


  • Acquisitions Inline Item Detail View - MassLNC/SITKA
  • Acquisitions Lineitem Order Identifiers - MassLNC/SITKA
  • Acquisitions Purchase Order and other Interface Improvements - MassLNC/SITKA
  • Acquisitions MARC Upload Form Persistence - MassLNC/SITKA COMPLETE!
  • Default Number of Acquisitions Copies to Order - MassLNC/SITKA COMPLETE!




  • Clickable Patron Indicators - Can be incorporated in Patron record chapter wherever the indicators are mentioned. ESI


  • Calculated Proximity Adjustments - ESI COMPLETE!
  • Custom Best-Hold Selection Order - ESI COMPLETE!
  • Generic CSV Notification Generator/Receiver
  • Storing Z39.50 Server Credentials - ESI COMPLETE!
  • URL Verification - ESI COMPLETE!


  • Serial Control: Embed Alternate Interfaces - Calvin College COMPLETE!
  • Serial Control: Set Special Statuses - Calvin College COMPLETE!

Staff Client

  • Staff Client Search Preferences - Add as separate chapter to the Using the Staff Client section.
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