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Evergreen 2.5 Documentation Needs

Documentation needs based on the 2.5 Release Notes

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  • Add a status: <html><span style="color: green;font-weight: bold"> COMPLETE!</span></html> (COMPLETE!)


  • Support PO activation without loading copies into catalog - Should be added to chapter on PO's while moving PO chapter up - Kathy
  • Differentiate between cancelled and "delayed" lineitems - Same as above - Kathy
  • Opportunistic Acquisitions In-Process Copy Overlay - Calvin College COMPLETE!


  • Default filter option for configuration screens - bitesize
  • Purge holds
  • Action trigger repeatability - Should be incorporated in action/trigger documentation when moved up from 2.0 - Calvin College COMPLETE!
  • Integration with PV Supa Goodstuff - ESI COMPLETE!


  • Default Values for Vandelay Item Import - ESI COMPLETE!
  • Z39.50 Search Enhancements - ESI COMPLETE!


  • Patron barcode regex for patron registration
  • Setting for Desk Renewal to use original circulating library
  • Option to Disallow Use of a Branch as a Pickup Library for Holds - Jessica - DONE!
  • Floating Groups - Note: Developer documentation is done, but could use review for readability and to add screenshots.
  • Patron blocking by lost items and include lost as items out
  • Print Single Item Receipt Submitted by Lynn Floyd, needs review
  • Wrong-Shelf Holds in Clearable Shelf-Expired Holds List - Should be incorporated (with updated screenshots) in newly revived Holds documentation
  • Adjustable font size in the staff client catalog - bitesize
  • Standalone Mode Shortcut
  • User Setting Defaults
  • Alternate Hold Pick up Location - ESI COMPLETE!
  • Long Overdue Penalty - ESI COMPLETE!
  • Mark Item Long Overdue - ESI COMPLETE!
  • Lost and Long Overdue Bill Colors - ESI COMPLETE!
  • Sorting Money Columns in Billing Interface - ESI COMPLETE!
  • Enhancements to Items Out - ESI COMPLETE! In official EG documentation
  • Disable Patron Credit - ESI COMPLETE! In official EG documentation


  • Added Content by Record ID
  • Conjoined items - update docs to update with tpac functionality and replace jspac screenshots with tpac screenshots.
  • Linked library names in copy details - Kathy COMPLETE!
  • OPAC maintenance message
  • My List enhancements - Enhancements include improvement on navigation for My Lists by displaying a page number and allowing for navigation by page number; addition of pagination for items in a list; addition of My Lists Preferences tab in Account Preferences where users can identify the number of lists and the number of list items that should display in each page; and a prompt now displays when users select the Delete List button confirming that they really want to delete the list. Should be incorporated in My Lists documentation.
  • Some new OPAC features (shelving location filter, set search context by shortname, RSS links to full catalog) should probably be incorporated in a larger "document the tpac" project.
  • Catalog Browse - ESI COMPLETE!
  • Patron Self-Registration - ESI COMPLETE!


  • Serial Alerts at Receive Time - Calvin College COMPLETE!
  • Support Reader Address Information in Routing Slip Template


  • Support SIP Hold Cancellation - Looks like this adds a configuration option which should probably be incorporated when SIP Server docs are moved up.
  • Return Hold ID to SIP - Probably requires some documentation since the use cases it support may not be immediately apparent.
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