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Evergreen 2.6 Documentation Needs

Documentation needs based on the 2.6 Release Notes.

Copy the HTML code below to update the status of an item:

  • Assign yourself: <html><span style="color:blue;font-weight:bold">[your name]</span></html> ([your name])
  • Add a status: <html><span style="color: green;font-weight: bold"> COMPLETE!</span></html> (COMPLETE!)



  • Add granular settings for requiring staff initials for notes. [Kate] In progress


  • Enhancements to Evergreen's MARC Editor Concerning Fixed Fields [ESI]
  • marc_export script replacement [Remington] COMPLETE!


  • Lost Item Billing: New Min/Max Price Settings [Remington] COMPLETE!
  • User Editor: "Update Expire Date" button [Remington] COMPLETE!


  • Composite Record Attributes [ESI]
  • Multi-valued Record Attributes and Controlled Record Attributes [ESI]
  • Located URI visibility options [Kathy] COMPLETE!
  • Restore OpenSearch Support [bshum] COMPLETE!
  • Accepting payments with Stripe [Yamil] COMPLETE!
  • TPAC library pages [Kathy] COMPLETE!
  • TPAC Metarecord Search and Holds [ESI]
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Compliance [Yamil] COMPLETE!
    • Simply add a sentence to the tpac documentation that it meets WCAG guidelines



  • Removal of open-ils.ingest service [Kathy] COMPLETE! Nothing added to docs, but any mentions of open-ils.ingest service were removed from docs as part of overall update on Evergreen-related OpenSRF services.
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