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DIG Conference Hackfest Project Ideas - Evergreen Conference 2014

  • Before hack-fest
    • AsciiDoc "question and answer" online session? (Yamil)
  • Hack fest
    • Plan introduction meeting
    • break off into groups (training vs working groups)
    • Assign work
  • Official DIG meeting
    • Decide start time
    • Decide agenda
      • Be prepared for new-comers

DIG Conference Hackfest Project Ideas - Evergreen Conference 2013

  • AsciiDoc training - taught by Yamil (proposed by Yamil)
  • Convert/expand/copy EG 2.4 release notes into official EG 2.4 documentation
  • Update existing 2.3/2.4 content (proposed by Yamil)
    • text
    • screenshots

DIG Hackfest Project Ideas - Evergreen Conference 2012

Analysis of gaps in documentation

  • This might be just looking at what menu items have no documentation (thinking of Robert Soulliere's outline for 2.2)
  • Previous docs that need to be converted to AsciiDoc for 2.2.
  • 2.2 Release Notes? - Kathy

Public OPAC/staff tasks

  • Using the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) TPAC style
    • Searching the catalog
      • Basic search
      • Advanced search
      • Search syntax
      • Search URL
      • Search Results
    • My Account
      • Viewing and paying fines
      • Check Out History
      • Holds History
      • Account Preferences
      • Lists
  • Review acquisitions procedures: Can we migrate content from 2.1 to 2.2?
  • Integrating New Cataloging Content - We have docs for new cataloging features in 2.1,but they need to be integrated with main cataloging docs


  • Circulation set up
  • Search/indexing set up
  • Hard due dates (introduced in 2.0, but I don't think any docs have been done for it.)
  • Patron opt-in

Generate epub

Dan: "Hey, wouldn't it be great to have the docs in a nice, open standard format that works on all kinds of ereaders?"

World: "Oh, sure, you mean HTML or PDF. Yeah, we've got those already."

Dan: "Well, no - I mean all of the content in one file, not a whole bunch of files like HTML. And yes, I know, PDF is one file and has a table of contents, but it doesn't resize very nicely or reformat itself to fit a phone or tablet or 47" 1080p display. I mean epub!"

And so, after commit ed287098f29915ba416c0afc0be3ea64aa49c809, it was possible to run the following command:

a2x --format epub root.txt

and generate an Evergreen 2.2 docs (epub). HUZZAH!

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