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Evergreen Documentation Interest Group

Meeting notes for June 10, 2009 webinar, 3p-4:05pish ET

Paul Weiss and Karen Schneider, DIG co-facilitators, began by welcoming the 28 attendees to the second meeting (and first online meeting) of the Evergreen Documentation Interest Group (DIG).

Karen gave attendees a quick overview of the GoToWebinar software we are using for our meeting.

Karen next gave a recap of our founding meeting on May 20 at the first Evergreen International Conference in Athens, GA, US. She reviewed a brief history of Evergreen documentation efforts, where we are now, challenges, opportunities, and needs. She described why we selected DocBook as our format of choice for single-source documentation, and showed some sample workflows as well as sample DocBook XML and accompanying transformations.

Paul reviewed the name of the group and what he & Karen are doing to facilitate the work of the group.

The bulk of the meeting time was spent reviewing 1- and 2-week tasks from the proposed initial 3-month timelines that the facilitators drafted. The group felt this was a good start to get our work going.

  • Action item: Review the short-term tasks, and volunteer! Send your top three choices for volunteering to Paul and Karen will start divvying out tasks by Monday, June 15.
  • Action item: Feel free to sign up on the participant list on the DIG page, either yourself, or by emailing with your info.

We briefly discussed a meeting schedule. We agreed with the biweekly frequency. Then complexity ensued. :-) Given the diverse nature of preferences for meeting days and times, as well as the geographic diversity of the Evergreen community, we are considering alternating days/times. Paul and Karen will work on optimizing the schedule.

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