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Evergreen Documentation Interest Group

Draft meeting notes for July 17, 2009 webinar, 4p ET

Great meeting, all! I am sorry these notes are un-fancy – felt sooner and fresher was better than later and fancier.

Scope statement: Paul and Shannon – progress – close – Paul and Shannon will share with the group (wait for the webinar follow-up email)

Participant guide – basically done – see:

The wiki: do we want to tidy up the main page and move things like the participant guide to a subpage? kgs, cynthia, shannon – yes – Lynn

Proof of concept – SITKA will send out links. This provescan work in a distributed fashion wusing heterogeneous toolsets and produce single source documentation.

Toolset: In work; see the Word–>Oo–>DocBook 4–>DocBook 5 guidelines here:

PINES – question from Jenn: what about local guides? Jenn/Chris will solicit local documentation and share it

Environmental scan: Great work, moved back to focusing on high-level details.

Note: you don't have to use wiki for tables–Karen can upload PDFs as need be. Dokuwiki is a royal pain in the tables dept.

Needs assessment survey: who does the survey go to? Committees? higher-ups? everyone? Conclusion: cast a broad net. The survey can be cross-tabulated. Watch the order of questions so the key q's are high up. Need to fine-tune the questions on consortial affiliation – questions – at least 2

Drupal: Chris, Robin Fay, Steve Wills – haven't formed a functional workgroup yet – coalescing but not a big bang yet . group will meet and come up with a recommendation. Steve will do an environmental scan of Drupal activities around DocBook and report back in mid to late August – Chris will connect Steve with Darren Givens of GPLS. Roma Matott will join the effort. Steve will talk w/ Phil Hunt – Steve is POC for the functional workgroup. kgs will send out one "forming" email to the 5 (done!).

We'll "Doodle" our way into the next meeting – folks agreed that worked really well last time!

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