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The wiki is updated, and the meeting recording is here:

I'll start with the end of the meeting, which is where we moved into "what's next":

* We bid a fond and grateful adieu to Paul Weiss, who leaves us for a job at Eugene Public Library. Paul was a founder of the DIG and a major force behind its early organizational efforts, including the 90-day timeline. The DIG would really benefit from another community co-facilitator to work with Karen. Think about if you'd like to do this!

* After discussion, we committed to focusing on documenting these areas –

Reports (Karen Collier, working from Word docs, revising the text and converting to DocBook) 1.6 Cataloging (Sarah Childs, Word revision) Sitka – new features in 1.6 Roma – technical instructions (installation, migration, upgrading – don't worry, Roma, we know you'll pick one!) Daniel – open Karen S. – 1.6 new features Tina – Converting Word to XML; CSS design; XML transform Repke – installation, Migration, Upgrading ** Paula Burton – editorial review

* Indiana Evergreen offered to host a 1.6 test server for DIG purposes; he said it would be up in 7-10 days. It doesn't have data. Karen S. offered to ask Equinox if there were data available.

* Mike Peters also reminded folks of the URL for the 1.6 staff client: It will be linked from the downloads page when the release candidate for 1.6 comes out, probably next week.

* Steve Wills volunteered to focus on the public-bugs database question, with a focus on processes for feeding information from the community back to the developers. We agreed on a forward-looking approach, focusing on 1.6.

* Karen agreed to check in the style manual's XML after the meeting (done, to be discussed in a separate note).


On the more housekeeping-ish items:

* Karen s. and Karen C. will post the survey results tomorrow. This concludes the needs assessment.

* The environmental scan is done.

* Shannon and Karen S. will look at training/orientation once the documentation writers have worked their way through a few files.

* Toolset – this hasn't been linked yet; anyone who wants guidance on what to use to produce XML, post to the list and we can give you a good, refined response.

* Karen will modify the proposed directory structure to note serials.

* The scope/mission statement is on the wiki, listed under Terms of Reference.

* As noted earlier, Sitka has chosen to go to DocBook for their own documentation. This is great, because we need a working example to help us figure things out!

– Karen S.

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