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Minutes for Documentation Interest Group Meeting 2/7/11

Discuss Existing and Potential Roles Within DIG and seek volunteers

  • Karen proposed yearly elections for the role of Facilitator to take place at or around the time of the Annual Conference.
  • Karen also suggested a one year term, with the option of re-election if that's what the Documentation Interest Group and Facilitator both want. Most meeting attendees approved of these ideas.
  • Karen shared the description of the proposed roles:
  • Additional roles were brought up and discussed however it was decided that it should e brought to the DIG list and the idea of dividing the coordinator roles should be opened to the list.
  • Debbie brought uo the question regarding coordinators for 1.6 and 2.0
  • Karen indicated that there may not have enough volunteers to split them between versions, and that continuity from one version to the next could simplify the process.

ACTION ITEM: Send out an email to open the discussion on the list and give the community a chance to sign up for a role.

Review Progress on 1.6 Outline and Assignments to see where work is needed

  • no volunteers for "Hold Policies" yet…
  • Third Party System Integration" is still vacant of official volunteers – Robert proposed remov it from 1.6 but leaving it in 2.0 and hoping something will get written.
  • Robert is currently working on the migrating data chapter given recent cries for help in the lists and adding new section on migrating authority records and exporting bib records to MARC files, etc…
  • Dan agreed to share some documentation on enforcing nullability for reports.

ACTION ITEM: Robert will ask for reviewers on the list DIG and DEV lists in the next week or so.

Review 2.0 Outline and Assignments to start assigning sections

  • Dan Scott volunteered to write about authorities but really dislike the structure under "Core staff tasks" that documents screens rather than tasks
  • Robert pointed out that the outline is a dynamic document and truly open-source… e.g. add subsections as needed.
  • Karen Collier mentioned that whoever volunteers for coordinating various parts will hopefully keep their eyes out for this sort of problem in the outline and be proactive about reorganizing as needed.
  • Specific questions regarding sections came up and several people volunteered for sections.
  • Karen emphasized the importance of the DIG list for discussions for eliminating duplication of work.
  • It was also noted that anyone working on 2.0 documentation should review 1.6 documentation on their section to reduce duplication of work.

Discuss Possibility of Interest Group Meeting on Hackfest Day (April 27, 2011) at the Evergreen Conference

  • It was agreed that the DIG would have a meeting on Hackfest Day at the Evergreen Conference.

March 7 at 2:30 PM EST was set as the next meeting date and time

Due to time constraints the "Staff client help pages" item was moved to the next meeting.

Other important off-topic topics/questions/points coming up at the meeting

  • Dan proposed that the DIG could suggest to the Evergreen community that any new contracted feature development should include docs to be submitted to the DIG as part of the development.
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