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Minutes for Documentation Interest Group Meeting 4/4/11

Meeting Participants

  • Karen Collier, Kent County Public Library (Convener)
  • Robert Soulliere, Mohawk College
  • Jenny Turner, PALS (minutes)
  • Aaron Zsembery, Pioneer Library System in NY
  • Hilary Caws-Elwitt, Susquehanna County Library in PA
  • Galen Charlton, Equinox
  • Dan Scott, Laurentian University
  • Yamil Suarez, Berklee College of Music

DIG Page Updates

  • Robert has updated the DIG wikipage
  • Updates include moving resources to the page instead of requiring an extra link to the "resources" page and updating the DIG test server information to reflect that it has been upgraded to 2.0.4.
  • In his clean up efforts, Robert discovered DIG's Terms of Reference, which includes the mission, scope, and principles of DIG. These will be reviewed at the Hackfest, as they were last updated in 2009.

Conference Hackfest Ideas

  • DIG will convene on hackfest day at the 2011 Evergreen Conference at 10 AM, April 27.
  • In the past, DIG hackfests have been meeting-like in format, but we could do something more like a traditional hackfest. We discussed what this might look like.
  • Ideas for the hackfest include:
    1. Introducing newbies to the project/tools (however, there is a session on "Getting Involved in Documentation" at the conference that will deal with some technical aspects and how to contribute)
    2. Cooperative proofreading
    3. Breaking down into groups to work on specific pieces of documentation (missing pieces)
    4. Looking at the organization of current documentation - and do we need a coordinator/coordinating team for this task?
    5. Testing 1.6 documentation against a 2.0 server
  • The current plan is to have a short meeting and allow time for working on documentation for those interested.
  • Additional feedback for the DIG hackfest will be solicited on the list.
  • Karen will investigate to see if there might be a way for people to "attend" the hackfest remotely.

Old Business

  • Content Coordinators have been secured for: Public OPAC/Staff Tasks Content Coordinator (Kathy Lussier), Reports Coordinator (Jenny Turner), and DocBook Conversion Coordinator (Robert Soulliere)
  • Coordinators are still needed for these existing roles: Administration/Development Content Coordinator and Style Coordinator
  • During the hackfest discussion, the idea of a Documentation Organization Team/Specialist surfaced. A team leader and participants could come to the hackfest prepared to lead some discussion on this topic. Jenny will not be able to attend the hackfest, but would be happy to help a team generate ideas for discussion or brainstorm groups for a discussion of documentation organization.

Future Meetings

  • DIG Hackfest in Decatur, GA: April 27 @ 10:00am EST
  • DIG Meeting in IRC: May 9 @ 2:30pm EST

To Dos from this Meeting

  • Additional feedback for the DIG hackfest will be solicited on the list. not assigned
  • Create a team to lead hackfest discussion on documentation organization. not assigned, Jenny will participate
  • Karen will investigate to see if there might be a way for people to "attend" the hackfest remotely.
  • Hilary volunteered to work on Z39.50 documentation for v. 2.0
  • Find volunteers for Administration/Development Content Coordinator and Style Coordinator. not assigned
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