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June 6 DIG Meeting Notes


Karen Collier, Kent County Public Library (facilitator); Jenny Turner, PALS; Anoop Atre, PALS; Robert Soulliere, Mohawk College; Yamil Suarez, Berklee College of Music; Gary Collum, Kenton County Public Library; Dan Scott, Laurentian University; Joe Lewis, University of Denver (GSoC); Lori Ayre, Galecia Group; Roni Shwaish, eiNetwork; June Rayner, eiNetwork.

Updates from Groups:

Reports Group – Jenny Turner:

System Admin (Roni Shwaish / June Rayner):

  • Meeting scheduled tomorrow to go over outline and see what’s missing. Potentially some database documentation to add that we talked about briefly with Robert S.

OPAC / Staff – no report

Docbook Conversion – Robert Soulliere:

  • Updated the database schema appendix for 2.0, link is Changed some of the formatting to move away from using xml/html tables to more plain text format. The main reason for the swith is that the processing of the large number of talbes was killing the PDF processor and causing all sorts of errors.

Evergreen Feature List – Lori Bowen Ayre:

  • Needs to be vetted by people actually using Evergreen – needs more volunteers. Contact Lori if you’re interested.
  • It’s currently living on Google docs pending a better solution.
  • June and Jenny are helping with circ, cataloging, serials, and acq (in reverse order).

Release Coordinators – Tim Spindler and Yamil Suarez – report by Yamil Suarez

  • So far, divided some tasks, for example Tim will check code commits for new features, etc, and Yamil for forcus on formatting DocBook content.
  • Yamil will also “bump up” documentation version numbers and download URLs when a new EG stable version comes out.
  • Yamil and Tim will look for uncategorized documentation related bugs in Launch Pad.
  • Identify other basic pages that exist in the 1.6 docs that can be easily moved to the 2.0 docs, part of the long term goad to match up the documentation with releases.

Next Meeting:

First Monday is July 4th a U. S. Holiday. Next meeting will be July 11 at 2:30 EDST

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