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DIG Meeting minutes, August 22, 2011, 2:30 EST


Karen Collier, Angela Kilsdonk, Sally Fortin, Ben Shum, Yamil Suarez, Shauna Borger, June Rayner, Roni Shwaish

Updates from Content Coordinators

  • Report from Yamil Boston, DIG Release Coordinator
    • experimented with installing the EG server from the README, and informally reported missing information in the README, which dbs updated* bumped up EG version on official docs for the EG 2.0.8 release
    • still need to finish bumping up the new OSRF release later today/tomorrow
    • Successfully tested out with having DIG volunteers June & Roni Shwaish push documentation additions to my documentation Git repository
  • Report from June Rayner and Roni, Coordinators for System Admin
    • Worked with Yamil on a workflow for pushing out documentation
    • Working on documentation for adding data sources

Old Business

  • None

New Business

  • Introduction of new DIG member, Angela Kilsdonk, a new trainer at ESI who will be working on stylesheets for DIG
  • ESI documentation writers are working to make documentation more available to DIG and the wider public through the following:
    • Downloadable asciidoc files of documentation (available soon)
    • HTML documentation available here:
    • Documentation is available on “Conjoined Items” and “Authority Control Sets,” which will be available in 2.1
  • Request for documentation needs
    • Suggestions
      • areas where EG 2.1 has very different functionality behavior than 2.0 or 1.6
  • Request for DIG needs
    • Responses
      • Ideas of how we can try to improve our documentation output, e.g. a virtual machine version of 2.1 loaded with test data or a "reference" image of Evergreen that matched examples in the documentation. To be discussed further on the mailing list.

Next meeting will be Monday, October 3, Freenode IRC network ( @ 2:30pm EST.

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