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Facilitator: Yamil Suarez - Berklee College of Music, Kathy Lussier - MassLNC, Jenny Turner, PALS, Tim Spindler - C/W MARS, Dan Scott - Laurentian University, Shauna Borger - Evergreen Indiana, Lindsay Stratton - Pioneer Library System, June Rayner - eiNetwork.

Updates from Content Coordinators

Kathy Lussier (Public OPAC / Staff Tasks) We've had some new 2.1 documentation added for core staff tasks. The 2.1 documentation from Equinox has been added to the official docs, and I've added some docs on holds. Tim Spindler has asked one of his staff to to test some of the end user documentation for acquisitions, serials, and cataloging in 2.0 for 2.1 to see if it can be moved forward.

June Rayner (Administration / Development) Working on system administration documentation for 2.1. Just updated permissions, will work on new features for Call Number Prefix and Suffix since that is next on the Administration menu. Kathy Lussier reminded us that Equinox has some documents related to this at

Jenny Turner (Reports) Very little to report about reports. I've had to miss the past few DIG meetings and our most recent Reports meeting was sparsely attended and was cancelled as a result. The 2.1 reports documentation was moved over from 2.1, so going forward we are working on adding additional documentation… Some of the Reports TaskForce members have mentioned that they have documentation in progress, but as I mentioned, we were unable to meet in December.

Yamil Suarez (reporting for Robert Soulliere) (DocBook Style) Robert Soulliere could not make this meeting, but here is Robert's report

Yamil Suarez (DIG Releases) I have nothing significant to report since the last minute. Special thanks to tspindler who is the other co-DIG Release Coordinator who is continually contributing to DIG.

Other Business

Lindsay Stratton interested in working on circulation or OPAC docs.

Robert Soulliere looking for feedback on reorganized outline for

Next Meeting

Thursday, February 2, 2:00 PM EST.

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