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Facilitator: Yamil Suarez - Berklee College of Music, Jenny Turner - PALS, Robert Soulliere - Mohawk College, Kathy Lussier - MassLNC, Shannon Dineen - Sitka, June Rayner - eiNetwork

Updates from Content Coordinators

Robert Soulliere (DocBook Style) Started 2.2 documentation processing. See Switched to asciidoc txt files as base format for documentation submissions into git for versions 2.2 and above. Note: Documentation for 2.1 and older is still submitted into git as DocBook XML No feedback from post explaining the changes You can still submit docs in other formats to DIG.

Jenny Turner (Reports) We've had a volunteer step forward to further document data sources in reports starting with v. 2.1. Other than that, I've just asked people to continue to review and submit as needed.

Kathy Lussier (OPAC / Staff Tasks) I've fleshed out the circ part of the outline at the request of lindsay I'll contact her to see if we can coordinate finishing up the circ docs. I just sent circulating items along to rsouilliere Right now, I think the area of greatest need for core staff tasks is the OPAC and cataloging. I can do a quick review of acquisitions and serials since I don't think much has changed there since 2.0 So I'll put out another e-mail to see if we can get volunteers for those two sections. Suspect docs for 2.2 js opac will be fairly close to what's done for 2.1. I would like to find someone to focus on tpac for 2.2 since that will be a big change.

Yamil Suarez (DIG Releases) No new report.

June Rayner (Administration / Development) Working my way down the 2.1 outline for server admin. Now working on org unit setting types. Slow going because I have not found any existing documentation. Let me know if I'm missing anything.

Other Business

DIG interest group meeting at the conference Documentation Hackfest - Kathy Lussier has volunteered to organize. Post Wiki with ideas for hackfest project ideas (i.e. tPAC) before next DIG meeting New Users - Need someone to talk to new people and make them feel welcome. Possibly show them the ASCIIdoc processes.

Next Meeting

Thursday, March 1, 2:00 PM EST.

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