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Facilitator: Yamil Suarez - Berklee College of Music, Jenny Turner - PALS, Robert Soulliere - Mohawk College, Kathy Lussier - MassLNC, Tim Spindler - CW/MARS, Jason Etheridge - Equinox, Thomas Berezansky - MVLC, Dan Scott - Laurentian University, June Rayner - eiNetwork

Updates from Content Coordinators

Robert Soulliere (DocBook Style) Added docs for customizing the OPAC/TPAC into 2.2 from Dan Scott's guide at Converted and merged Booking module documentation. Also merged Booking into other documentation versions to match 1.6. as reviewed by Tim Spindler and his team. Booking was reviewed by Mike Peters at Evergreen Indiana Serials documentation was merged from 2.0 to 2.1 as reviewed by Tim Spindler. See commit: Not migrated alternate seriald display chapter (chapter 5 in 2.0) based on discussions to merge with chapter 4 alternate display docs with the tutorial. Please review and update the 2.2 outline as needed:

Kathy Lussier (OPAC / Staff Tasks) All the new end-user content has been the docs that have been moved up Still plugging away at updating circ docs. Call for volunteers to look at cataloging and OPAC, but still haven't gotten any bites. Cataloging will need some work, but maybe OPAC just needs to be reviewed to see if it can be moved up to 2.1.

Jenny Turner (Reports) February Reports Group meeting was canceled due to low attendance. Only very brief updates from the folks looking at documentation. Next reports meeting on Monday 3/5

Yamil Suarez and Tim Spindler (DIG Releases) No updates

June Rayner (Administration / Development) Working on 2.1 System admin docs. Completed 14 of 18 sections in the System Admin outline. Still need documentation on rules - circulation duration, recurring fine, max fine, and age hold protect rules. Will contact general and devs lists to ask if anyone has any documents out there that can be used.

Old Business

1a) Plan DIG Hackfest - Create a List of Hackfest Goals

Kathy Lussier: created a page where people can add ideas for docs that need to be done at the hackfest.

Asciidoc overview might be useful at the start of the hackfest. Many people may not have had a chance to look at it.

Dan Scott: SITKA's patron opt-in info could be added to the docs. Licensing is cc-by-sa 3.0 See and Sitka docs at Possibly a live example for an ASCIIdoc demo.

James Fournie: Sitka's docs are in docbook format in git repos here:

Kathy Lussier: Planning to flesh out the OPAC and end user docs part of the Version 2.2 outline. If anyone has anything that they think is missing from the docs or needs some work, please feel free to add it to the wiki.

1b) Find DIG member to welcome and introduce DIG to newcomers

Yamil Suarez: Planning to work on docs all day and have the DIG meeting at the allotted time. Can help provide an introduction to DIG to newbies. Jenny Turner: Many newbies at the last hackfest that needed introduction to DIG in general

DIG Meeting Agenda

Kathy Lussier: New members are important

Yamil Suarez: Will act as default facilitator for the DIG meeting at the conference. Need an agenda of topics to cover. We can focus on filling up the goals and agenda wiki pages for the April DIG IRC meeting

June Rayner: Start a page for DIG meeting agenda items like the one Kathy Lussier started for the Hackfest

New Business

Jason Etheridge: proposes a compatibility list as part of the DIG documentation. Prompted by one hardware vendor recently asked about being added to Evergreen's list of compatable hardware

Kathy Lussier: Could start with updates to the compatibility survey posted at[]=compatible?

Things to work out

- Where to put it - appendix (Jason Etheridge)

- What types of hardware/software to include - things that talk directly to Evergreen (Thomas Berzansky)

- How to define compabibility (Thomas Berezansky)

- Format and what needs to be included - evergreen version, distribution version, configuration options (Dan Scott)

- How to keep it updated - Tie to a specific version, run more surveys (Jason Etheridge)

Next Meeting

Thursday, April 5, 2:00 PM EST.

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