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DIG Meeting Agenda - September 1, 2022

This meeting will be held via videoconference beginning at 2 p.m. EDT/11 a.m. PDT. Current and future DIG participants are encouraged to attend, and any interested members of the Evergreen Community are welcome as well.

For updates, notifications, and discussions please sign up for the Evergreen Documentation Discussion List.

Agenda and Minutes

  1. Introductions & Check-in: Debbie L., Gina M., Jennifer P.
  2. Pet Show & Tell: Sadly, no pets were present
  3. Collaboration:
    1. Sitka's upgrade to 3.9 went pretty well and their documentation should be all up to 3.9 now, if anyone has time to bring them over to the community docs!
    2. Library Settings:
      1. Gina showed off the spreadsheet she created for us to document all of the library settings–it's a great spreadsheet! She will send it out to DIG soon
      2. We discussed some of the settings that are problematic right now and some Launchpad bugs about settings
      3. Suggestions to add columns for default values, for related Launchpad bugs, and for "Introduced/Obsolete in version X.X"
      4. DIG can take the settings and note which don't do anything, don't do what they say, or aren't documented, then maybe New Devs can take on fixing them
      5. Also, we can ask other IGs for help with default values and perhaps with ways to break their area of library settings down to more helpful categories
  1. Next meeting: October 6
    1. Except October 6 doesn't work for several people. Tentative replacement date: Tuesday, October 4. (Debbie will see if that works for Andrea, because…)
    2. Topic: Release notes and translating "tech-speak," presented by Andrea


At the May 2018 Documentation Interest Group (DIG) meeting in person at the Evergreen International Conference in St. Charles, Missouri, it was agreed that DIG meetings would alternate each month between meetings that were half agenda, half collaboration in one month, and a full meeting length of working on the documentation in the other month.

At the November 2020 DIG meeting on IRC, it was agreed that DIG would move the collaboration/working months to a videoconference platform and continue having the business meetings on IRC.

At the June 2022 meeting of DIG's Core Committers and Leaders, it was agreed to switch completely to videoconference meetings, unless a formally recorded vote on something is needed.

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