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DIG Meeting Agenda and Minutes - June 1, 2023

This meeting will be held via videoconference beginning at 2 p.m. EDT/11 a.m. PDT. Current and future DIG participants are encouraged to attend, and any interested members of the Evergreen Community are welcome as well.

For updates, notifications, and discussions please sign up for the Evergreen Documentation Discussion List.

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  1. Introductions & Check-in
  2. Pet Show & Tell
  3. Collaboration/Updates:
    1. Gina - DIG wiki updated links
    2. Evergreen International Conference
    3. Docs bugs
    4. Library settings
  4. Discussion Topic: What our individual institutions use for documentation
  5. Other Business?
  6. Next meeting: Thursday, July 6
    1. Topic: TBD


  1. Introductions & Check-in:
    1. 13 in attendance!
  2. Pet Show & Tell:
    1. We met some new pets!
  3. Collaboration/Updates:
    1. Push people to submit documentation bugs, like the Item Status discussion on the General list
    2. 3.11 settings need to be added to our spreadsheet
      1. Jennifer P. will be testing 3.11 soon (Oct.)
      2. Bibliomation will also be testing soon
      3. PaILS going to 3.11 in November
    3. Action: Debbie will try to create a docs bugs spreadsheet for future meetings
    4. During Conference, RIG talked about Reporter documentation. 3 people helping–Elizabeth, Susan, Beth. Jessica also wants to help.
      1. Action: Debbie will get Elizabeth Davis wiki access
    5. Gina can demo images next meeting
  4. Discussion: What institutions use for docs
    1. Evergreen Indiana: Google Docs for regular and acq. training manuals, policies, and procedures
    2. Sitka: Repositories. Github–anyone can access and use. They still generate DocBook. Keep older versions. Antora on someday-maybe list. Server generates output every 30 minutes for them to review and merge. Gihub desktop and Notepad++. Copies of manuals that libraries see live, so if mess up, can fix and push. Live manuals include pdfs. Close to official docs. Write in Asciidoc.
    3. PINES: Docuwiki. Just what library staff need to know. Update as go.
    4. CW MARS: Google Docs and Spreadsheets
    5. PaILS: Docs were in prior help desk software, so are kind of in the new software. Started using Scribe–records actions, can load to help desk software.
    6. Bibliomation: Different for different purposes. Cataloging–Word, upload as pdf. Circulation–Google Docs. Older versions kind of living in various places.
    7. MOBIUS: Gitlab server gobbles up docs, git. Antora over asciidoc.
    8. Equinox: Google Docs, mostly. Lena's struggle is with alt text. How does asciidoc deal? [Integrated]
  5. Other
    1. Reminder: invite Stephanie Leary to talk to us in future about alt text on images/screenshots.
    2. Put community created docs on DIG Wiki and link back from the main wiki instead of having multiple locations
    3. Action: Debbie will update the links on the community-created docs. Everyone shared their links to include.
    4. Announcement: 2024 conference will be online, 2025 conference in person.
  6. Next meeting: July 6


At the May 2018 Documentation Interest Group (DIG) meeting in person at the Evergreen International Conference in St. Charles, Missouri, it was agreed that DIG meetings would alternate each month between meetings that were half agenda, half collaboration in one month, and a full meeting length of working on the documentation in the other month.

At the November 2020 DIG meeting on IRC, it was agreed that DIG would move the collaboration/working months to a videoconference platform and continue having the business meetings on IRC.

At the June 2022 meeting of DIG's Core Committers and Leaders, it was agreed to switch completely to videoconference meetings, unless a formally recorded vote on something is needed.

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