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DIG Meeting Agenda - January 4, 2024

This meeting will be held via videoconference beginning at 2 p.m. EDT/11 a.m. PDT. Current and future DIG participants are encouraged to attend, and any interested members of the Evergreen Community are welcome as well!

For updates, notifications, and discussions please sign up for the Evergreen Documentation Discussion List.

Connection Information:


  1. Remember to click "Record"!
  2. Happy New Year! Introductions & Check-in
    1. Thank you, Jennifer, for running the meeting! :-)
  3. Pet Show & Tell
  4. Updates:
    1. Projects for 2024
      1. Angular Staff Catalog documentation (Spencer)
      2. Keyboard shortcuts documentation
      3. Update Antora (Blake or Jane?)
      4. Reports docs
        1. Action item from December: Andrea will tackle any newer updates from Susan's and Lena's and Beth's awesome work
    2. ?
  5. Other Business/Collaboration
    1. Lack of Index (Gina)
    2. Conference docs presentations
      1. Debbie will do annual DIG Lightning Talk (Stay tuned for call for pet photos!)
      2. Other submissions?
      3. Do we need to have a DIG meeting during the conference (in addition to the hackfest)? AKA–Do we need to help fill an open slot?
    3. 3.12 documentation
      1. Timelines?
      2. List of documentation needs?
      3. Other?
    4. Database Schema page(s) (from Discussion List)
    5. ?
  6. Next meeting: Thursday, February 1
    1. Topic: TBD
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