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Evergreen Documentation Interest Group

Terms of Reference

Mission Statement

The Evergreen Documentation Interest Group (DIG) plans, facilitates, produces, manages, and provides access to online documentation about the Evergreen ILS.


  • Administers a framework for documentation, inclusive of timelines, a style guide, software tools, and DIG member training and support
  • Produces reference and training documentation for standard implementations (not locally customized software), in multiple formats, for developers, system administrators, library managers, library staff, library users, and sites considering implementation
  • Connects users to documentation via posting standard documentation on DIG web pages, linking out to community documentation, incorporating help into the staff client, and fostering in-code documentation
  • Manages the Evergreen documentation email list and the DIG web pages
  • Does not provide technical support for Evergreen


  • Operates with wide participation and open communication, plans for its long-term sustainability, and is responsive to community need
  • Manages documentation via single-sourcing, a central repository, version control, and the use of broader standards and best practices. Uses DocBook for text-based documents
  • Provides current historical standard documentation that is free and open, has cohesive structure and style, is easy for users to find and use, and is easy to maintain and translate
  • Fosters collaboration, minimization of duplicative work, and the inclusion of documentation as part of the software development process

approved by DIG August 26, 2009

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