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Documentation Licensing Terms

Between December 21, 2009 and January 4, 2010 the Evergreen Documentation Interest Group unanimously voted to accept the following licensing terms for official Evergreen Documentation.

1 - Official Evergreen Documentation produced by the Documentation Interest Group should be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 License (

2 - Any code included in the official documentation produced by the Documentation Interest Group should also be made available under the GNU GPL (

3 - Official Evergreen Documentation may be made available under another copy-left ( open source ( license in the future with a majority vote on the Evergreen Documentation List ( or comparable indication of the Evergreen community's wishes.

4 - These same licensing terms should be applied to the Documentation Wiki. Past contributors to the Documentation Wiki should be notified by emails sent to Evergreen community mailing lists and to the email address associated with their docuwiki account of the new licensing terms and given a reasonable amount of time to request that their contributions not be included under those licensing terms.

5 - By submitting documentation to the Documentation wiki or to the Evergreen Documentation List after licensing terms have been decided and publicized, contributors indicate that they (a) agree to these licensing terms, and (b) to the best of their knowledge have the right to do so through copyright ownership, permission from the copyright owner(s), and/or the licensing terms of any documents that were modified or incorporated into their submission.

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