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Survey of existing documentation

Existing documentation on the web

Source Author/contact info Licensed? (copyright,CC, GPL, ?) Date written/revised Version (, 1.4, unknown?) Format (Word doc, PDF, wiki, text, video (format)
Open-ILS DokuWiki - server installation
Open-ILS DokuWiki - server installation for version 1 (unfinished)
Open-ILS DokuWiki - end user documentation
Open-ILS DokuWiki - administration documentation
Georgia PINES
Sitka Sitka team CCSA ver.3.0 Nov 2007 to date DocBook HTML and PDF
Michigan Evergreen Project Evette Atkin/Megan Dudek Free to use and adapt May 2010 Available in MS Word or PDF
Evergreen Indiana Cataloging Manual: Sarah Childs, Other: Various authors, contact Catherine Lemmer Other Evergreen users are welcome to use and adapt materials as they see fit Various dates: 10/2008-2/2009 Some more recent things not yet published to web., some 1.6 PDF ; Cataloging Manual original documents in Word
Tsuga Innisfil Public Library, ON ,Canada Mandy Pethick, Debra Mann Other libraries are welcome to use and adapt the manuals as they see fit. unknown 1.2 series PDF, Word, Flash videos
[] Project Conifer for Ontario University LibrariesTraining documents adapted from Sitka documents. Dan Scott of Conifer wrote technical notes.Contact at Conifer is Karen Foster Other libraries are welcome to use20091.4.0.4Word
Pioneer Library System end-user documentation for: circ, holdings, OPAC, etc, incl. PDF format quick guides; training guides Lindsay Stratton, training {at} CCASA 3.0 Spring / Summer 2010 v. wiki topics; PDF (Word 2007 versions avail on request)

Server Installation

Conceptual View

Open-ILS DokuWiki Format Create/Update Date
Structural OverviewOpenILS Structural Overview PNG imagelast updated on 18 Oct 2004
Server ArchitectureOpenSRF Server Architecture JPEG image last updated on 09 Apr 2007
Database SchemasIndex of Postgres schemas and databases for Evergreen server created on 2007-04-04
OpenSRF SchemaOpenSRF Primer last updated on 2007/04/16

Installing Prerequisites

Open-ILS DokuWiki Create/Update Date
OpenSRFBirth of the OpenSRF - blog entry, not a dokuwiki pagecreated on February 7th, 2005
OpenSRF and Jabber - blog entry, not a dokuwiki page created on September 29th, 2005
OpenSRF user guide unfinished; last updated on 2007/11/06
OpenSRF 1.0.6 New Features last updated on 2009/04/22
OpenSRF API last updated on 2006/06/10
EjabbberdQuick install, install from the source, and configurationlast updated on 2008/05/21
PostgresInstalling Postgreslast updated on 2007/05/21
Installing Postgres (different page, identical content)last update on 2006/03/31
Installing Postgres 8.1 on Debianlast updated on 2007/04/16
Installing Postgres 8.2.12 from the source on Debian and Ubuntulast updated on 2009/04/30
Installing Postgres 8.1.1 on Red Hat and Fedora Corelast updated on 2007/04/25
ApacheInstalling Apache 2.0.x with SSL enabledlast updated on 2006/03/31
Installing Apache2 with SSL enabled (different page, identical content)last updated on 2006/01/16
Built parameters for test Apache2 (parameters differ from the two pages above)last updated on 2006/05/25
Installing Apache2 on Debianlast updated on 2006/01/04
Installing Apache2 and mod_perl on Debianlast updated on 2007/03/07
Installing Apache2 and mod_perl on Red Hat and Fedora Corelast updated on 2007/04/25
Generic Apache configurationlast updated on 2007/10/28
Starting Apachelast updated on 2007/07/02
Securing Apache (only a stub of a page) last updated on 2006/01/08
mod_perlIntalling mod_perl2last update on 2005/12/17
Installing mod_perl2 different page, identical contentlast updated on 2006/03/31
Perl modulesList of Perl modules required by OpenSRF and Evergreen serverslast updated on 2008/01/06
Installing Perl modules on Debianlast updated on 2007/10/03
List of required Perl modules and their installation procedures on Red Hat and Fedora Corelast updated on 2007/10/03

Evergreen Server Installation

Open-ILS DokuWiki Update Date
InstallationGeneric Installation Information - contains information on installing prerequisites (PostgreSQL, Apache2, Ejabberd), OpenSRF, and Evergreen servers; on editing config files, testing the installation, and installing the client2008/02/14
Distribution Specific Instructions - contains information on installing Evergreen 1.4 on Ubuntu and Debian; and Evergreen 1.2 on Ubuntu, Debian and Gentoo2009/05/18
ConfigurationConfiguring the system2009/02/26
UpgradingEvergreen and OpenSRF Server Upgrade Instructions2009/02/11
TroubleshootingTroubleshooting - contains information on compiling, start up and catalog searching errors2009/03/11
Backing UpBacking up your Evergreen system2008/06/28
Z39.50 Server SRU & Z39.50 Setup and Testing2009/07/11
Z39.50 Example Targets2009/04/17
FirewallSecurity Considerations: firewall 2007/10/03
Internationalizationi18n Technical Details 2009/03/13


Staff client

Open-ILS DokuWiki Michigan
Downloading the staff client Installing and Running the stuff client (under Linux, Mac and Windows) pp.597-599
Registering workstations Workstation Names p. 599
Navigating (menus, tabbed browsing, keyboard shortcuts) Navigating a Tabbed Interface pp. 85-86
  • Staff client basics (Registering workstations, first time login, logging in, basic keyboard shortcuts, using tabbed browsing), Michigan Evergreen Project Manual, pages 76-86,


Open-ILS Dokuwiki Michigan Sitka Indiana Tsuga
Checking out items Checkout, Pre-cataloged Material Checkout, Non-cataloged Material Checkout pp. 88-98 Circ lesson, p. 18 Check out pdf Video: Checking Out & Editing Due Date, Manual: p. 14
Checking in items Checkin pp. 99-108 p. 21 Check in pdf
Renewing items pp. 99-102 Video: Renewing items, Manual: p. 16
Recording in-house use In-house use pp. 119-121 p. 22
Counting circ of non-cataloged items pp. 123-126 p. 20
Renewing items Renewals
Showing item status p. 112 p. 25
Lost or missing materials Lost and missing materials
Patron registration Patron registration adn maintenance p. 137 pp. 4-17 Registering patrons pdf Video: Registration, Manual: pp. 5-9
Searching/retrieving patron record Searching the patron database p. 158 pp.4-17 Video: Search for customer record, Retreiving customer record, Manual: p. 10-13
Lost patron cards p. 198 pp. 4-17 Video: Lost Card & Resetting Password, Manual: p. 27
Renewing an expired patron card Video: Renewing an expired patron card, Manual: p. 27
Adding multiple barcodes to patron record p. 200 tip sheet
Selecting active patron barcode p. 207 tip sheet
Holds Holds, Holds pull list, Holds shelf list pp. 209-262 pp. 28-44 CTM Ch. 4, Canceling holds pdf, Retargeting holds pdf, Viewing Hold queue pdf Video: Holds - Placing a Hold, Manual: pp. 18-24
Alerts pp. 262-284 p. 13
Barring patrons pp. 285-295 pp. 4-17
Fines and bills Bills and fines pp. 249-260 pp. 4-17 Billing pdf
Credits pp. 296-312 tip sheet
Obtaining Damaged Items for Processing (Copy alerts) pp. 321-332 p. 26
Offline circ (using) Offline mode pp. 333-342 from Offline tutorial pdf
Offline circ (uploading and processing transactions) Creating and processing sessions, Uploading transactions to a session pp. 605-609 See uploading lesson onlineOffline tutorial pdf
Recording ILL transactions pp. 343-368 tip sheet


Sitka's cataloguing documents

  • Searching the Database for Catalouging Purposes

  • Adding Holdings to Title Records

  • Importing Records via the Z39.50 Interface

  • Working with the MARC Editor

  • Creating and Using Cataloguing (Item) Templates

  • Using Buckets

  • Viewing Buckets

  • Merging Bibliographic Records

Open-ILS DokuWiki Michigan Sitka Indiana
Local cataloging policy pp. 370-377 forthcoming Procedure Guide & Cataloging Policy
Searching the catalog in the staff client pp. 378-384 Lesson onlineCataloging Training Manual Ch. 2
Identifying local holdings (Holdings Maintenance) pp. 385-387 Lesson online CTM Ch. 3
Attaching holdings to existing bib records Adding and Maintaining Copies and Volumes pp. 388-390 Lesson online CTM Ch. 5 CTM Ch. 23 (ch. 23–magazines)
Editing copy records pp. 391-416 pp.26 of Circulation lesson CTM Ch. 7
Copy editor templates pp. 417-423 Lesson online CTM Ch. 6
Replacing barcodes pp. 424-426 tip sheet CTM Ch. 20
Adding multiple holdings pp. 427-432 tip sheet CTM Ch. 9 version 1.6
Adding holdings to multiple libraries pp. 433-437 tip sheet coming soon
Printing spine and pocket labels Printing spine labels, Printing pocket lables pp. 438-450 from, internal tip sheet CTM Ch. 11
Deleting copies pp. 451-456 tip sheet CTM Ch. 18
Adding records using Z39.50 pp. 463-481 Lesson online CTM Ch. 12 version 1.6
Importing batches of records pp. 482-496 in 1.6coming soon
Manually creating MARC records pp. 504-510 tip sheet CTM Ch. 16
Editing MARC records CTM Ch. 14
Overlaying records pp. 511-522 tip sheet CTM Ch. 13
Merging records using record buckets pp. 523-535 Lesson online CTM Ch. 19 version 1.6
Creating Item and Record Buckets pp. 536-554 Lesson online CTM Ch. 17 & Ch. 19 version 1.6
Adding to buckets pp. 549-554 Lesson online CTM Ch. 17 & Ch. 19 version 1.6
Processing buckets pp. 555-570 Lesson online CTM Ch. 17 & Ch. 19 version 1.6
Deleting buckets pp. 571-582 Lesson online CTM Ch. 17 & Ch. 19 version 1.6
Processing Pre-Cat materials pp. 583-588 pp.19 circulation lesson CTM Ch. 22 version 1.6
Editing Call Numbers/Volumes CTM Ch. 8
Tranferring Volumes and items CTM Ch. 10

Admin (-) menu

Open-ILS DokuWiki Michigan
Changing operators pp. 603-304
Offline transaction management pp. 605-608
Download offline patron list p. 609
User permission editor Advanced staff and permissions editor (nothing here really), Permissions list p. 667-669
Receipt template editor pp. 611-614
Survey wizard p. 633
For developer p. 671

Local System Admin


Open-ILS DokuWiki
Registering staff client to different working locations Registering staff client to different working locations
Barcode scanners Barcode scanners bookmarklet bookmarklet
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