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Please introduce yourself using the #info command. For example:

#info tay_tay is Taylor Swift, Wyomissing Public Library

Develop consensus on project requirements

The following agenda items are based on the Proposed project requirements document.

Values check

Specific goals

  • Any discussion points here?


  • Any discussion points here?
  • Gather requirements from users (idea from remingtron)
    • Let's consider getting feedback from documentation users to help guide our efforts. Maybe a broad survey to understand general needs.
    • Some of the following questions are borrowed from another open source project's recent docs survey:
    • How do you use Evergreen? (sys admin, staff client admin, circ superuser, circ normal user)
    • How often while using Evergreen do you want help?
    • Where is the first place you go for help? (supervisor, coworker, IRC, printed/handwritten notes, online documentation, youtube, my library's training documentation)
    • What are you looking for when you seek out information on Evergreen?
      • User Guides
      • New Features and Version Info
      • Best practices on how to use Evergreen as an end user
      • Installation Documentation
      • Technical Specs
      • Development Documentation
      • Presentations
      • Other
    • In learning materials for Evergreen, which medium(s) would work best for you?
      • HTML on the website
      • PDFs with text and screenshots
      • Short topical videos
      • Other
    • Which sources have you used to find answers about using Evergreen?
      • Official Evergreen website (
      • Official Evergreen Documentation website (
      • Evergreen Wiki (
      • My library's training materials
      • Other
    • Are the documents and files you found on what you expected or needed?
      • No, it did not meet my needs or was confusing
      • Somewhat, but a few things were missing or confusing
      • Yes, I was completely satisfied
      • I do not use the website
    • How difficult was the installation?
      • Which of the existing documentation options have you found the most useful, and why? (or as a rating question)
      • Is there any documentation you were unable to find or would like to see? (or "Have you had questions you were not able to answer using the docs?")
      • What ongoing challenges do you face when using Evergreen documentation / training materials?
      • Is there anything else that you would like to add or change about the Evergreen documentation?


Specifically, let's talk about:

  • Platform (Asciidoc vs. flossmanuals vs. something else)?
  • If consensus on Asciidoc, how to create crosslinks?
  • Which audiences should we target? For this discussion, we can use remingtron's draft as a starting place

Identify compilers

These people would be responsible for individual "books"

Testing and assessment plan

If we have time, it would be great to come up with a plan for testing these reorganized docs on end-users. It would also be good to work towards a plan for assessing this work.


If we have time, it would also be nice to start filling in the timeline on the requirements doc.

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