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This document describes a proposed project to re-organize the official documentation of Evergreen. It is intended to spark discussion at a meeting on February 10, 2016.


I compiled a list of mentions of this project by searching in IRC and mailing list logs. I then categorized these into values, goals, and ideas on this wiki page.

I then created at least one concrete requirement based on each goal.

Conventions for this document

Ideas expressed about this project





Structure requirements

  • The current documentation must be re-arranged into separate books, each of which must present content in its own specific order.
  • The exact same content must be present in multiple books without needing to be updated separately (e.g. a chapter about the Evergreen community, or an introduction to the client interface)
  • The HTML version needs to have crosslinks between related content in other books.

End-user interface requirements

PDF generation
  • PDFs should be generated (of both individual chapters and complete books) at the same time HTML is generated.
  • PDFs need to be attractive and easy to read when printed.
  • Users must be able to easily scope their search to just the current book or all books

Manageability and maintainability

  • We need to have specific people assigned to re-organizing content and writing any new content that is needed. These should preferably not be current DIG members, so that the demands of documenting new features don't interfere with the completion of this project.
  • The documentation needs to be split into small chunks for easier maintainability.


  • We need a separate server for the re-organized docs so that we can test our docs on end users without interrupting access to the current documentation.
  • We need to identify a group of beta testers for each book that will test out each book in their day-to-day operations.

Proposed timeline

  • February 2016: Decide on coordinators who are passionate about each audience
  • February 2016: Finalize the audiences
  • March 2016:
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