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Evergreen Documentation 2.2

Color Indicators for documentation

  • RED "NEEDED" is for chapters/sections needed and not assigned.
  • BLUE "ASSIGNED" is for chapters/sections which are assigned. Use this to indicate that you have volunteered for a chapter/section but have not submitted content yet. Also include your name or contact information so other folks can contact you to contribute.
  • ORANGE is for chapters/sections in progress or needing improvement. Make note as required.
  • a GREEN "DONE" is for chapters/sections which are generally completed and have been distributed in the documentation.

Introduction and Release Notes (BASE)

Release notes will be taken from the release notes file with code -- update as required.

Software Installation (needed for a basic working system)

  • System Requirements (BASE) Done -- from 2.1
  • Installing the server software (BASE) from README -- update as needed
  • Upgrading the server software (BASE) Review and update as needed
  • Install EDI DONE
  • Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Installing the Staff Client
  • Adding your Base Org Unit and Org. Type?
  • Migrating/Loading Data

System Configuration and Customization (enhancing the system)

Please add sectionsFIXME

  • Global system configuration (which can be done by editing opensrf.xml, opensrf_core.xml, etc…)
  • Customizing the OPAC/TPAC – DONE -- From Dan Scott (
  • Auto Suggest Search box – DONE -- From Sally and ESI.
  • Customizing the staff client
  • Backing-up data and files

Using the Staff Client

  • Logging in
  • Tab buttons – DONE -- From Sally and ESI.
  • Double clicking functionality – DONE -- From Sally and ESI.
  • Sorting columns – DONE -- From Sally and ESI.
  • Recent searches – DONE -- From Sally and ESI.
  • Return to search results from MARC editor – DONE -- From Sally and ESI.

System-wide Administration from the staff client (Admin>>Server Administration)

  • Acquisitions DONE
  • Actor Stat Cat SIP Fields
  • Age Hold Protect Rules
  • Asset Stat Cat SIP Fields
  • Authorities
  • Billing Types
  • Booking
  • Call Number Prefixes
  • Call Number Suffixes
  • Circulation Duration Rules
  • Circulation Limit Groups
  • Circulation Matchpoint Weights
  • Circulation Max Fine Rules
  • Circulation Modifiers
  • Circulation Recurring Fine Rules
  • Copy Statuses
  • Custom Org Unit Trees
  • Global Flags
  • Hard Due Date Changes
  • Hold Matchpoint Weights
  • Import Match Sets
  • MARC Coded Value Maps
  • MARC Record Attributes
  • MARC Search/Facet Fields
  • Organizational Types
  • Organizational Unit Setting Types
  • Organizational Units
  • Permission Groups
  • Permissions
  • SMS Carriers
  • User Activity Types – DONE -- From Sally and ESI.
  • User Setting Types
  • Weights Association
  • Z39.50 Server

Local Administration (Admin>>Local Administration)

  • Address Alerts
  • Age Overdue Circs to Lost
  • Barcode Completion
  • Cash Reports
  • Circulation Limit Sets
  • Circulation Policies
  • Closed Dates Editor
  • Copy Location Editor
  • Copy Location Order
  • Copy Locations Editor
  • Copy Template Editor – DONE -- See Serials Copy Template
  • 'Do not attempt Auto-Print' Setting
  • Field Documentation
  • Group Penalty Thresholds
  • Hold Policies
  • Library Settings Editor – Some content (fines accrued, Target Copies for Holds at Closed Libraries)
  • Non-cataloged types editor
  • Notifications/Action Triggers
  • Patrons with Negative Balances
  • Reports - Refer to section below
  • Standing Penalties
  • Statistical Categories Editor – DONE -- From Scott Prater
  • Surveys
  • Transit List
  • Work Log


  • Introduction - includes workflow diagram
  • Setup
    • Link to server administration>>acquisitions>>fund sources?
    • Link to server administration>>acquisitions>>funds?
    • Link to server administration>>acquisitions>>providers?
    • and others?
  • Selection Lists and Purchase Orders
    • Selection Lists being reviewed
    • Purchase Orders
    • Add Brief Record being reviewed
    • Load MARC Order Records
    • Federated Search being reviewed
    • Line items
    • Line items to the catalog
    • Export single attribute list
    • Cancel/Suspend Acquisitions
  • Invoices
  • Receiving
    • Receive Items from an Invoice DONE
      • Receive items in batch
      • Receive specific copies
  • Claiming
  • Vandelay integration from Sally/ESI


  • Batch Edit MARC
  • Batch Importing MARC Records DONE
  • Create new MARC record
  • Conjoined Items DONE
  • Overlay Existing Catalog Record via Z39.50 Import DONE
    • Not sure if we need something additional beyond this for z39.50 but should be looked at
  • Manage authorities
  • Manage Copy Buckets
  • Manage Record Buckets
  • Monograph Parts DONE


  • Introduction DONE
    • Explanation of difference in Serials Control View and Alternate Serials Control View (this could include a table to identify the differences in the two views)
    • Workflow diagram
  • Copy Templates DONE
  • Setting Up Subscriptions DONE
    • Serials Control View
      • Setting up subscription
      • Handling special issues
    • Alternate Serials Control View
      • Setting up subscription
      • Handling special issues
  • Creating Special Issues DONE
  • Holdings Statement DONE
    • MFHD and holdings generated by serials functions
    • Explanation for adding and editing MFHD
  • Receiving DONE
    • Batch receiving
    • Receiving through the serials control view
  • Edit Subscriptions DONE
  • Group Serials Issues in OPAC Display DONE -- from Sally/ESI


Please add sectionsFIXME

  • (covering Booking as well since it is in essence a circulation task)
  • Booking Module DONE -- From 2.1
  • Circulating Items DONE -- From 2.1
  • Holds Management
  • Patron Management DONE -- From Jenny and PALS
    • Register patrons
    • Pending patrons
    • Editing patrons
    • Patron alerts and notes
    • Merging patrons
    • Bills and payments Done -- From Jenny and PALS


  • Administering Reports Done - from 2.1
    • Starting and Stopping the Reporter Daemon
    • Adding Data Sources to Reporter
    • Create a PostgreSQL query, view, or table that will provide the data for your data source
    • Add a new class to fm_IDL.xml for your data source
    • Restart the affected services to see the new data source in the reporter
    • Exporting Report Templates Using phpPgAdmin
  • Folders Done - from 2.1
    • Creating Folders
    • Managing Folders
  • Templates Done - from 2.1
    • Creating Templates
    • Choosing Report Fields
    • Applying Filters
    • Cloning Shared Templates
    • Template Terminology
  • Output Done - from 2.1
    • Generating Reports from Templates
    • Viewing Report Output
    • Running Recurring Reports

Using the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) (general user help)

Please add sectionsFIXME

  • My Lists DONE

Developer Resources

Please add sectionsFIXME


  • Attributions
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