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Missing data report: Which records are missing "X" field?

Sample - Patrons missing an email address<br> A simple report to list users, by organization, which are missing an email address on their record.

Displayed Fields

ILS User :: Last Name
ILS User :: First Name
ILS User :: Middle Name
ILS User :: Home Library :: Short (Policy) Name
ILS User :: Current Library Card :: Barcode
ILS User :: Main (Profile) Permission Group :: Group Name
ILS User :: Mailing Address :: Street (1)
ILS User :: Mailing Address :: Street (2)
ILS User :: Mailing Address :: City
ILS User :: Mailing Address :: State
ILS User :: Mailing Address :: Postal Code

Base Filters

ILS User :: Email Address  (Set Operator to "Is NULL")
ILS User :: Home Library :: Organizational Unit ID


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