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Glossary of Terms

Barcode – user’s account barcode

Circ ID – a computer generated ID on a circulation to be used for counts of circulations.

Circulation Duration – rule on the number of days a circulation modifier allows for checkout such as book checking out for 14 days

Circulation Type – type of circulation whether a checkout or a renewal

Count vs Count Distinct -

Desk Renewal

Dewey Block–Hundreds

Dewey Range–Tens

Fine Interval

Fine Stop Reason – reason for fines being stopped such as claims returned, lost, or longoverdue

IsActive? – used in such cases of filtering by an active user or inactive user

Organizational Unit ID – the library and is used when filtering by library and in conjunction with “In List”

Recurring Fine Amount

User ID – a computer generated number given on a user allowing for a cound of number of users

Template Terms

Sources – the template type which is your focal point to select displays and filters

Field Name – the name of the field you wish to use for display or filtering

Field Transform – the way you want the field name to be group

Base Filters – the area where you determine what you want to filter

Aggregate Filters – the area you determine what you want to filter by aggregate such as greater than or less than

Template Sources or Types

Payments: All - includes payments made via: Cash, Check, Credit Card, Credit, Forgive, Goods, Work

Payments: Brick and Mortar - in the future, will exclude online payment methods. currently the same as Payments: All

Payments: Desk - "real" money, usually has some physical item in a cash drawer. includes payments made via: Cash, Check, or Credit Card

Payments: Non-drawer Staff – payments made via methods that don't typically involve some paper in a drawer. includes payments made via: Credit, Forgive, Goods, or Work

Paths to Frequently Used Selections

Library Name for Display = ILS User -> Home Library -> Short (Policy) Name

Title of Item = Bib records->simple records extract->Title proper (normalized)

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