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Non-Cataloged Material Checkout

Enter non-cataloged items for checkout using the instructions below. Non-cataloged items are items without barcodes, such as paperback books, newspapers, magazines, computers, or other materials. To check out an item with a barcode, see Checkout.

Enter a non-cataloged item for checkout

Follow the instructions in Checkout, but enter non-cataloged items using the following steps:

  • Select the drop-down menu displaying Barcode: and select a non-cataloged item type. The item types available depend on the settings for your library.


  • Select a due date from the drop-down menu. Select Normal to use the normal due date policy for the item type at your library. Select Today + 3 days, Today + 5 days, or similar options to apply a custom due date.
  • Select the Submit button. A dialog window is displayed asking for the number of items being circulated of that type.


  • Enter the number of items and select the OK button. The items are immediately checked out to the patron and added to the list of items being checked out in the patron record tab.

:!: Non-cataloged items do not count toward checkout limits and are not checked back in using Evergreen. A due date for the item will print out on the patron receipt. The item will not show up within the patron's Items Out in the staff client. However, they will show up within the OPAC patron's My Account under Items Checked Out with a Please return by … due date. The item will then automatically be removed from their OPAC account the day after the due date.

:!: Local administration can add additional non-cataloged types. Please see the Non Cataloged Types documentation for details.

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