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Offline mode

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Using Offline Mode

If the network goes down, a library may use the Standalone Interface (also called Offline Interface) to handle simple tasks like checking in items, checking out items, and renewing items. When the network comes back up, a library can merge all the offline transactions into Evergreen's online database.

Using the Standalone Interface

Transferring Transactions between Workstations

FIXME A section should be created for showing how to transfer transactions to external media for movement between machines before uploading to the network.

Uploading Transactions

In the main window, after logging in, choose Admin -> Offline Transaction Management.

Look for the session created by your local admin. If you are the local admin (or otherwise responsible for handling offline transactions on your own), you may create a session by clicking Create and entering a description. Sessions are useful for managing transactions from multiple workstations.

When an appropriate session has been selected in the list, click Upload to merge any offline transactions made on the current workstation with all other transactions currently associated with that session.

When all transactions from all workstations have been uploaded to the session, make sure the session is selected and click Process. Depending on the number of transactions, this may take some time.

Click Refresh and select the appropriate session. If it has finished processing the bottom list will be labelled Exceptions for "session name". Any errors will show up in that list and can be investigated within the staff client.

For library managers: Creating and Processing Sessions

For circulation staff: Uploading Transactions to a Session

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