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Pre-Cataloged Material Checkout

Pre-cataloged items (or "fast adds") are items that have a barcode but have not yet been fully cataloged. When they are checked out, you enter in a title and author. When the items are checked in, that information is cleared, and the item is routed to cataloging to be fully cataloged.

Enter a pre-cataloged item for checkout using the instructions below.

Entering a pre-cataloged item for checkout

Follow the instructions in Checkout, but enter pre-cataloged items using these steps:

  • Enter an item barcode using the barcode scanner or a keyboard.
  • Select a due date from the drop-down menu. Select Normal to use the normal due date policy for the item type at your library. Select Today + 3 days, Today + 5 days, or similar options to apply a custom due date.
  • Select the Submit button. Evergreen displays a message indicating that the barcode is not recognized and asks whether you would like to check out the item as a pre-cataloged item.


  • Select the check box to confirm you have read the message and select the Pre-Cat button. Evergreen displays a dialog asking you for the title and author of the item.


  • Enter a title and author and select the Check Out button. The item is immediately checked out to the patron and added to the list of items being checked out in the patron record tab.

:!: When pre-cataloged items are checked in, the temporary author and title information is erased and the items are routed to be cataloged.

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