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Evergreen--Staff FAQ

How Do I Display an Item's Price?

NOTE: If the system had no price for a book when the data was first imported into Evergreen, a PINES-manadated default price of $25 was added.

  1. Start from either the [Items Out] section of a patron's record or from the Copy Status screen.
    • From a patron's record, click the [Items Out] button.
    • Otherwise, use {Circulation} {Show Copy Status by Barcode} and scan in the item barcode.
  2. Click on the column picker (in upper right corner).
  3. Scroll down and click on Price.
  4. The Price column will now be displayed so you can see the item's cost.

How Do I Renew an Expired Card?

When a patron's card has expired, the patron's name (on the patron record) will have a dark gray background and an (Expired) indicator under the name. The card must be renewed before the patron can check any items out.

  1. Open the patron's record
    • If you have the patron's library card number, use {Search} {for Patron by barcode} and scan in the patron's barcode.
    • Otherwise, use {Search} {for Patrons} to find the patron record and [Retrieve Patron].
  2. Click on [Edit].
  3. Select "4. Groups and Permissions."
  4. Change the Account Expiration Date field to a date 2 years in the future. Be sure to use the correct YYYY-MM-DD format. For example, if today is Sept. 25, 2006, change the Account Expiration Date to 2008-09-25.
  5. Select "7. Finish" and [Save User].

Can I Register My Staff Client To Different Working Locations?

Yes - though this is generally not necessary for most users, sometimes an administrator may need to log onto Evergreen Workstations registered to different locations in order to perform certain operations. See Registering Staff Client To Different Working Locations.

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