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Results of the Evergreen-Compatible Products Survey

  • Warning: The information on this page references versions of Evergreen that have not been supported for more than five years. Use any information on this page with caution. For up to date information on compatible products please see the 2017 survey results
  • Everyone who took this survey was running EG 1.4 or 1.6.
  • If one answer was entered more often than others, then that answer appears in blue text.

1. Please list barcode scanners that work with the Evergreen ILS.

Metrologic MS951   
All Wasp branded USB and PS/2  
Metrologic MS 9520   
Metrologic MS 9520 Voyager USB  
Metrologic MS3780 Fusion  
Metrologic MS9540  
Metrologic MS9620  
Cino FuzzyScan F680  
Cino FuzzyScan FB-3660 (Obsolete, no longer available)  
Datalogic, and many others (as long as it will scan a barcode into an application, it will work with EG). 

2. Please list barcode or spine-label generators that work with the Evergreen ILS.

Okidata Microline 320 Turbo  
Smart Label Printer 240  
Dymo LabelWriter Turbo 450

3. Please list printers (receipt or others) that work with the Evergreen ILS.

Brother HL 4040CDN  
Epson TM88-IV  
Epson TM-T88IV Serial  
Epson TM-T88IV USB  
Ithaca iTherm 280  
Star SP200  
Star Micronics TSP100  
Star 100  
HP Deskjet D2560 (Inkjet)  

4. Please list PC Reservation product(s) that work with the Evergreen ILS.

Envisionware PCReservation   
LibShield by LibData  

5. Please list print management products that work with the Evergreen ILS.

Envisionware LPT1 ver 4.5.0  

6. Please list security products that are compatible with the Evergreen ILS.

Bibliotheca RFID tags and gates  
Microsoft Security Essentials  
Symantec Endpoint Protection  
Windows SteadyState  
OCLC Ezproxy  
Clean Slate  
Windows Defender  
ClamWin AV  

7. Please list bookdrop or sorting management tools (generally RFID products) that work with the Evergreen ILS.


8. Please list self-check products that work with the Evergreen ILS.


9. Please list any other products that you know are/are not compatible with Evergreen ILS, provide additional information that would be useful to Evergreen users.

  • Deep Freeze is NOT compatible with Evergreen dbs - A number of us on IRC believe Deep Freeze is compatible, but requires some care in configuration. We suspect that the issue is that if you don't register your staff client with Evergreen before preventing changes with Deep Freeze, then the staff client will prompt you to reregister the staff client every time that you reboot.
  • Dymo Labelwriter 450 is NOT compatible with Evergreen, Mozilla Bug 456846.
    • dbs - Strange: Laurentian University has been using the Dymo LabelWriter 450 with Evergreen 1.6 (now on since we launched in May 2009.
    • bshum - Dymo 450 worked fine with 1.6.1 for us. After upgrading to 2.0, we were unable to print labels for a time. The Dymo would just spool blank labels on test prints and other attempts to print using Evergreen; using Word or the Dymo software worked fine. We found that the margins needed to be checked and adjusted back to 0.0 (or at least much less than 0.5) on all sides and with "blank" as the other fields for the Page Settings associated with the Label printer options.
    • PALS is successfully using Dymo 450 with 2.2.0 with the margin changes suggested by bshum.
  • 3M Stats and Status counts package is currently NOT working with Evergreen, but we are not sure if it is hardware or software issue.
  • Unique Management Services Material Recovery Service and Notice Printing service and telephone messaging service works with all versions of Evergreen
  • products work well with Evergreen.
  • Okidata Microline 320 Turbo
    • No longer appears to be compatible with Evergreen starting with EG 2.4 (jihpringle)
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