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Roadmap for Evergreen 2.10

This is a list of major enhancements slated to be released in Evergreen 2.10. If you are working on (or about to work on) a non-trivial enhancement that will be code-complete no later than 5 February 2016 (the scheduled feature slush), please add it here. Please include links to Launchpad bugs, blueprints, and/or online specifications describing the feature.

REMINDER: This is not a wishlist of things that we would like to see in Evergreen 2.10, nor is this page meant to be a way of requesting sponsorships for a feature. Please add your project only if you are committed to working on it or funding it and you reasonably expect that it will be done in time for community review.


  • Add support for PostgreSQL Application Name Connection Options (Logging improvements) ( see bug 1492793)
  • Improve password management and authentication (see bug 1468422)
  • Avoid storing partial credit card information (see bug 1474051)


  • Use client TZ in the database when supplied to the server (see bug 1485374)
  • Report correct invoice amounts when per-item price varies (see bug 1380709)
  • Funds disencumbered when invoice is closed instead of created (see bug 1333254)


  • config.marc21_ff_pos_map needs an audit (Additional fixed field definitions) (see bug 1371647)


  • Support the web staff interface for production use at the circulation desk
  • Fix Apply Payment button can be triggered by RFID items (see bug 1183964)
  • Fix re-shelving race condition (see bug 1018011)
  • Support the ability to ignore certain standing penalties within a proximity to the patron's home library (see bug 1499123)
  • Selectively disallow opt-in based on patron's home library (see bug 1533329)

Public Catalog

  • Deprecate HTTP in favor of HTTPS
  • Improve how hold placement failures are communicated (see bug 1481441)
  • Improve validation of email addresses when sending password resets (see bug 1491571)
  • Activity Metric AKA Statistically-generated Record Ratings (see tech specs)
  • Option to make parts selection more visible on the Place Holds screen (see bug 1422802)
  • List view for call number search results (see bug 1424690)
  • Support Piwik as a privacy-sensitive alternative to Google Analytics (see bug 1517298)
  • Simple checkbox to exclude electronic resources from search results (see bug 1519055)




  • Document ways to use SIP2 more securely (e.g., encryption)
  • OverDrive API integration (see bug 1410537)

System Administration


User Experience/UX/Usability

  • Add periodic billing statement action trigger (see bug 1496522)

Deprecation/removal of old code

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