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Roadmap for Evergreen 3.0

This is a list of major enhancements slated to be released in Evergreen 3.0. If you are working on (or about to work on) a non-trivial enhancement that will be code-complete no later the scheduled feature slush), please add it here. Please include links to Launchpad bugs, blueprints, and/or online specifications describing the feature.

REMINDER: This is not a wishlist of things that we would like to see in Evergreen 3.0, nor is this page meant to be a way of requesting sponsorships for a feature. Please add your project only if you are committed to working on it or funding it and you reasonably expect that it will be done in time for community review.


  • Eliminate staged search/pure SQL searching


  • Replace the Ruby EDI translator


  • Authority infrastructure improvements


  • Batch patron editing
  • Billing infrastructure updates (LP#1422379)
  • Bill referral (e.g., to campus bursar)
  • Closed dates editor and due date display improvements for multi-timezone users
  • Copy alert persistence and suppression matrix (LP#1676608)
  • Copy tags (which will be used as the infrastructure for digital bookplates) (LP#1673857)
  • Family pickup of hold requests
  • Persistent due date input (e.g., for bookmobiles)
  • Search patrons by birth date
  • Set default pickup library correctly for staff-placed hold requests (LP#1167541)
  • Search for patron from place holds interface
  • Cancel transits rather than delete them


  • Support for web staff client to be used in production. Modules to be completed this cycle include:
    • Offline circulation
    • Serials
    • Stabilization of Hatch API and installation methods


  • Developer documentation project

Public Catalog

  • Digital bookplates (which will be based on copy tags) LP#1673857
  • Improved My Account screens (Bug 1623062)
  • jQuery support for the public catalog (Bug 1673870)
  • Native book carousel widget
  • OverDrive/OneClickdigital ebook transactions in OPAC (LP#1673870)
  • Making My Account faster
    • Separate the my account pages into a separate webapp.
    • Remove Dojo from public catalog
  • Social networking links in the catalog Bug 1682923




  • Detailed fine information in SIP2 messages

System Administration

  • Update Debian support
  • Improve Ubuntu 16.04 support


  • Further work on the ar-JO localization
  • Improving the i18n of the web staff client

User Experience/UX/Usability

Deprecation/removal of old code

  • Deprecation of the XUL staff client + announcement of intent to remove it in the Fall 2018 release.
  • Removal of open-ils.permacrud (LP#1680566)
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