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Roadmap for Evergreen 3.12

This is a list of major enhancements slated to be released in Evergreen 3.12. If you are working on (or about to work on) a non-trivial enhancement that will be code-complete no later the scheduled feature slush), please add it here. Please include links to Launchpad bugs, blueprints, and/or online specifications describing the feature.

REMINDER: This is not a wishlist of things that we would like to see in Evergreen 3.12, nor is this page meant to be a way of requesting sponsorships for a feature. Please add your project only if you are committed to working on it or funding it and you reasonably expect that it will be done in time for community review.

See the 3.11 Roadmap for examples.

Note from ABN 10/30 In advance of slush & Feedback Fest, I have added a few items to this list that were marked as wishlist & pullrequested. My goal is not to over-promise things from developers but rather to call community attention to these in order to have them considered for 3.12.



  • Admin interfaces for fiscal calendars and fiscal years LP1956510 – pullrequested & signedoff - merged



  • Angular Link Checker Interface LP1993824 - pullrequested & signed off - merged
  • Copy/Item Alerts Type Default LP2017673 - pullrequested - merged
  • Create Carousel from Item Bucket and Item Status LP1906859 - needswork


  • Rename All Parts label in holds screen LP1902120 - needswork
  • Flag/setting for Items with Specific Statuses to Display on Holds Pull List LP1904737 - merged
  • Option to Hide Strict Barcode LP2008834 - needswork
  • Angular Pull List Would Benefit from Filtering LP1968070 - pullrequested; signedoff - merged
  • Angular Self-check LP1840773 - pullrequested

Client/Staff Interface

  • NoveList Added Content in Angular Staff Catalog LP1991294 - merged
  • Add Survey Results to Print Template commit - merged

Course materials


Public Catalog

  • YAOUS for when no 856$z is present LP1812241 - pullrequested and signedoff - merged
  • Align OPAC URI display with Staff logic LP1992827 - pullrequested and signedoff - merged



System Administration

  • SIP Filters LP1981712 and LP1989481
  • Angular secondary interfaces (Record Attributes & Browse Axes) LP1989151 - merged
  • Local Admin Circ Policies Port LP1855781 - needswork
  • Angular Custom OU Trees Interface LP1993825 - pullrequested - merged
  • Printer Settings UI Angular Port Edit LP1965326 - pullrequested & signedoff - merged
  • Add a support script for importing patrons LP1786524 - pullrequested


User Experience/UX/Usability

  • Shortcut key to quickly log out LP1812414 - merged

Deprecation/removal of old code

Third-Party Integrations

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