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Roadmap for Evergreen 3.4

This is a list of major enhancements slated to be released in Evergreen 3.4. If you are working on (or about to work on) a non-trivial enhancement that will be code-complete no later the scheduled feature slush), please add it here. Please include links to Launchpad bugs, blueprints, and/or online specifications describing the feature.

REMINDER: This is not a wishlist of things that we would like to see in Evergreen 3.4, nor is this page meant to be a way of requesting sponsorships for a feature. Please add your project only if you are committed to working on it or funding it and you reasonably expect that it will be done in time for community review.

See the 3.3 Roadmap for examples.


  • Aged Billings and Payments (LP1793802) merged
  • Remote patron authentication and retrieval (LP1817645) merged
  • Server-managed print templates 1825851 merged


  • Angular Acquisitions Sprint 0 – Tools and Infrastructure, including these LPs:
    • Improvements to date-select (LP1831780) merged
    • Add eg-help-popover component (LP1831781) merged
    • Improvements to org-select (LP1831783) merged
    • Fix formatting of dob (date of birth) field (LP1831784) merged
    • Add automatic pcrud-based data sources to eg-combobox (LP1831785) merged
    • Add demo of cross-tab communications (LP1831786) merged
    • Add filtering, sticky headers, and other improvements to eg-grid (LP1831788) merged


  • Booking module refresh (1816475) merged


  • New options in Vandelay copy import (1444644) merged



  • Hatch Java Updates, workstation management, and more 1830391
  • Permission Group Admin UI Angular Port 1823981 merged


Public Catalog



System Administration

  • Avoid hard-coded install path in web client tests (LP1662297) - requires changes to install process so that tests are run after ./configure && make


User Experience/UX/Usability

Deprecation/removal of old code

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