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Conservancy application status as of 2010-10-19

From Dan Scott to the Evergreen Governance Committee mailing list:

I did hear back from Bradley at the Conservancy regarding our request for assistance in navigating the developer / library director waters; the response was:

""" I think the answer to you primary inquiry is "yes, Conservancy does want to help figure out the best way to make sure that the leadership of Evergreen is diverse and not overly influenced by a single corporate entity".

I should be sending out offers for joining from the last round very soon. I'm sorry for the delay on that. Once those are sent, we can begin this discussion with the Evergreen community. """

FWIW, I haven't heard anything official one way or the other from the Conservancy regarding our application; I imagine they will respond to the governance list when they do respond. For those who don't know, Bradley Kuhn left the Software Freedom Law Center to become the full-time director of the Software Freedom Conservancy a few weeks back, which is why a few things have been delayed. It's ironic, because the reason he decided to become a full-time director of the Conservancy was to be able to be more responsive to member projects - there is an interview in Linux Weekly News with Bradley Kuhn at for those who want more information.

One aside about the change from acting as a volunteer for the Conservancy in his spare time, to being a full-time director, is that Bradley will need to draw a living wage from the Conservancy - and therefore I do not know how possible it will be for the Conservancy to accept new projects that aren't willing to contribute some percentage of their funds. I still think the Conservancy direction is the right way to go - having a neutral third party hold assets on behalf of the entire community makes sense to me, and there will be expenses associated with bookkeeping, writing cheques, 501©(3) reporting, etc one way or another - but we might as well recognize what the change in Bradley's employment status means to our application. We haven't stated anything one way or another about the percentage donation issue as of yet, so we might as well start having that discussion.

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