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-Due to COVID-19 concerns, the 2020 Hack-A-Way ​will be hosted exclusively online. ​ More information coming soon.+====== ​2020 Evergreen ​Hack-A-Way ​======
-Planning Group:+Due to COVID-19 concerns, the 2020 Hack-A-Way will be hosted exclusively online October 26-28, 2020. 
 +===== Registration and Login ===== 
 +  * **[[hackaway:​meetings:​2020hackawaysignup|Hack-A-Way Signup Here]]** 
 +  * **[[https://​​events/​evergreen-hack-a-way-2020|Hack-A-Way Conference Site]]** 
 +===== Resources ===== 
 +  * [[https://​​document/​d/​1_xKQSryomP51K01-gcI10JoghwibIpqQ1DiUYYuGGQc/​edit?​usp=sharing|Meeting Notes]] 
 +  * [[https://​​doku.php?​id=hackaway:​meetings:​2020hackawaysignup|Session Signup / Discussion Topics]] 
 +  * [[https://​​presentation/​d/​1jrsnMnlqcqEXCxL7LCQZpdUOU_InK3WBLe1a2jLHDnk/​edit?​usp=sharing|Ken Cox's Mobile development slide deck]] 
 +===== Planning ===== 
 +Planning Group
   * Lynn Floyd, ​   * Lynn Floyd, ​
   * Gina Monti, ​   * Gina Monti, ​
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   * Terran McCanna ​   * Terran McCanna ​
 +Meeting Agendas
 +  * October 15th, 2020 [[hackaway:​meetings:​2020-10-15:​Agenda]]
 +  * October 1st, 2020 [[hackaway:​meetings:​2020-09-01:​Agenda]]
 +  * September 17th, 2020 [[hackaway:​meetings:​2020-09-17:​Agenda]]
 +  * September 3rd, 2020 [[hackaway:​meetings:​2020-09-03:​Agenda]]
 +  * August 19th, 2020 [[hackaway:​meetings:​2020-08-19:​Agenda]] ​
-Notes on first testing: +Possible Topics 
- +  ​* [[​spreadsheets/​d/​17D_omT9IdVpAjj1bYyYc8xi5I3vOI75YzCvMl_VnOyc/​edit#​gid=0|Possible Topics ​(Shared Spreadsheet)]]
-  ​- Maximum of 2-hour recording per session +
-  - Only organizer can set sessions to record so recorded ones should be arranged through the organizer, preferably in advance +
-  - virtual Thai takeout dinner  +
-  - organize a drop in about a week before the actual hack-a-way so folks can test it out +
-  - do we need moderated sessions for any pre-planned sessions  +
- +
- +
- +
-Current action items +
- +
-1Working out the sponsor acknowledgments. ​ Emerald Data has stepped forward to sponsor. ​ We will want to acknowledge them in a similar manner to how we did the sponsors for the online conference. ​ So, the person or people will want to look at the best way to do this in Hopin for the Hack-A-Way and what needs to be posted for social media (Facebook and Twitter). ​ (R. Frasur) +
- +
-2. Outlining instructional content. ​ At a minimum, I think we would want some text instructions for "​here'​s how to get a ticket"​ and "​here'​s how to start your own session." ​ But there may be more and some may be appropriate for video. ​ In some cases, we may be able to use existing Hopin videos. ​ The person or persons who want to work on this can determine the needs and then we can sort out who is going to create what content which may include a larger group. ​ (Gina, Jennifer) +
- +
-3. Right now the WIKI page includes a section on the behavioral policy which includes the photography policy. ​ The online Hack-A-Way will need different rules since it is a very different kind of event. ​ Aside from photography policy not applying we will want to discuss giving permission for CC-BY-SA licensing for Youtube. ​ So it will be useful to have someone(s) think about what needs to be different and write up the language for the wiki.  (Lynn Floyd working on) +
- +
-4.  Presentation wrangling. ​ This duty will come closer to the event. ​ Although we don't traditionally have a lot of presentations we usually have at least a few.  It would be useful for someone to get not only the slides of anyone who presents but useful resource links that they use during their presentation. ​ These can all then be included in the Youtube description of the videos. ​ (Michele) +
- +
-5. Updating the wiki with notes as we go.  This is going to be the work of several people as it's tedious for one person to do it all three days but it is very useful to keep track on the wiki during the hack-a-way of bugs reviewed, patches pushed, topics discussed and so on.  Some cheating can be done after the fact with git log and not every launchpad update is worth recording though. ​ (Terran, Jennifer, Jason) +
- +
-6. We want to solicit from the community what sessions they want to do and set them up the sessions in advance as much as possible so that potential attendees know about them.  They can be recorded on the wiki and then added to Hopin once we have the logins ready. ​ We can start this as soon as we have dates (which I'm working on now). (Michele)+
-7.  I don't think there will be many sessions that need moderators but I can easily imagine a few that will, such as if we avoid the stage and simply use sessions for everything, then some like selecting a release manager might work as a moderated session to make sure people don't talk over each other. ​ (Jennifer, Michele)+=== Report ===
-8. New participant wrangling. ​ With the new platform, we will be looking at doing some promotion outside the normal channels, for example, Code4Lib. ​ Folks that work on this may want to brainstorm outlets to promote to and then be prepared to work with new participants that come in, especially from outside the normal Evergreen community. ​ (Rogan)+[[hackaway:​final-report:​2020:​Report]]
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