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Planning Agenda (8.20.2020)


social media hashtag: #hackaway20

2. Instructional Content

(Gina, Jennifer)

Questions/Discussion Points
When will paid system be available? Week of 9/1 (Rogan working with Adam - see notes below)
What areas (rooms) will be used? Use Main Stage? How? Backstage needs? NO to Main Stage
Nature of presentations matched with forums (rooms)? n/a if no Main Stage – all room sessions
One event per day or just one multi-day event? for recording purposes? One multi-day event
Public Q&A and decompress space – how to get to an organizer? Just use Reception area (can create on the fly)
Early gathering space? Orientation? — We'll have advance practice sessions for participants
Ruth volunteered to work with Gina & Jennifer to create video

Decision: no main stage no backstage needed - simple is good

3. Policies


Need to make sure they are on tickets and perhaps in the reception area? Make sure behavior is linked.

4. Presentation Wrangling


Getting Michele and Ruth Youtube access.

5. Wiki Updates - during event

(Terran, Jason, Jennifer)

Format similar to bug squashing.

6. Community Solicitation

(Michele, Gina) We can go over the Survey Draft

7. Session Moderators

(Michele, Jennifer)

8. New Participant Wrangling / Promotion

(Rogan) Proposed Action Item: Draft up a press release about Hack-A-Way using Hopin

I would work with Ron of Outreach committee to send it out. Include a section on chance for those outside community (including vendors) to interact. Don't send until we have the registration link handy, and a few weeks after the community has it so existing Evergreen members get first shot to sign up just in case there is a lot of interest from outside. Mention sponsorship for Emerald.

Promote to Code4Lib, Evergreen Blog post, Social Media, where else?

Include contact me for more information about attending if they are new so I can provide orientation. I will track in spreadsheet and chat with each to try to pair them up with resources that are useful, including potentially talking to existing developers if they have specific interests.

9. Hopin Setup


Arranging with Adam Bowling to get it set up the first week of September so we will have it for September and October. Will be scheduling some practice sessions for those who want it and see what we get as deliverables in terms of video recordings and the like.

Aim is to have site ready and signups available by September 11th for sending out for signup by September 13th.

And two one day test and play sessions earlier in October for later signup.

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