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Planning Agenda (9/03/2020)


social media hashtag: #hackaway20

things are being composed and scheduled:

Deliberating how to approach any video component.

2. Instructional Content

(Gina, Jennifer)

Holding pattern until event is setup.

3. Policies


Putting together a statement for signup about being able to turn off camera and not use real name if anyone wishes anonymity.

4. Presentation Wrangling


Getting Michele and Ruth Youtube access - done

5. Wiki Updates - during event

(Terran, Jason, Jennifer)

Waiting until event.

6. Community Solicitation

(Michele, Gina)

Gina put together a great survey, great initial response but plenty of names still missing. She will put out a reminder with a deadline and prime the pump with some feedback to the community about what interest has been expressed.

7. Session Moderators

(Michele, Jennifer)


8. New Participant Wrangling / Promotion


Will put together a press release and send out emails this month after event is up for community members.

9. Hopin Setup


Emerald has been pinged and we once the account is activated we will be moving quickly on this.

0. Next meeting


Same bat time, same bat channel in two weeks, the message going out right after the meeting.

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