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Evergreen Release 1.2.0

Release date: 2007-10-08

Contributors (work in progress)


This release adds functionality, performance, and usability improvements, and simplifies installing and configuring, in the following areas: Installing and configuring

  • OpenSRF has been separated out into its own package. OpenSRF 0.9 is now a prerequisite for Evergreen 1.2
  • To ease installation on older and newer Linux distributions, either of the Net::Z3950::ZOOM or the deprecated Net::Z3950 Perl modules satisfy the Z39.50 client prerequisite
  • To eliminate one redundant configuration file, bootstrap.conf has been replaced throughout by opensrf_core.xml


  • Sorting of call numbers within a location in the record details display
  • New default theme with generic Evergreen branding
  • To enable easy customization of the catalog interface:
    • All color elements are defined in the opac/theme/*/css/colors.css file.
    • All text strings are defined in the opac/locale/en-US/opac.dtd file.
  • Support for serving static content (images, JS, and CSS) from alternate hosts. This enables faster page loads and reduces problems from failed added-content remote services.
  • Search indexes no longer use a stop words list by default. A title search on "it or not" now returns "Believe it or not" if you hold that in your collection.
  • Field-specific search behavior exposed in the SlimPAC. Searching of, for instance, only title proper or only main author.

Staff Client


  • New permission to prevent importing of records with alternate TCN's
  • Alphabetical sorting for bucket lists
  • Summarized item counts in Holdings Maintenance interface
  • Batch record deletion (i.e. remove from catalog) option in record bucket interface
  • Disallow editing of Owning Lib for pre-cataloged items


  • Library filter for patron search
  • Filters for item in-transit list
  • Annotate payment for all payment types
  • Less strict phone numbers format in patron editor (to allow for additional information)
  • New collections API call for "users owing money" for collection agency
  • Updated collections API to support aging debt
  • Patron service opt-in functionality. As an optional global setting, when a patron first visits a branch, staff will be prompted to get the patron's permission to access his or her record.
  • Hot-key for "Re-Print Last Receipt" function


  • Ability to download files from within the staff client from the reporting interface and portal page
  • Various staff client performance improvements
  • Allow pop-up windows (and new windows) from staff client portal page and other embedded interfaces
  • Enable user to replace an existing file when saving a file in the staff client (for example, when saving local templates)
  • Friendlier error notification for actions that cause volume label collisions

Bug Fix Highlights

  • Fix item mark-lost function to prevent a prematurely closed transaction
  • Catch redundant barcode scans during checkout while a checkout is still processing
  • Fix for the %PATRON_BARCODE% macro in the bill_payment receipt template
  • Fix for workstation registration to disallow selection of abstract libraries like PINES as the workstation library
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