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Evergreen Release 1.2.1

Release date: 2007-12-03

Contributors (work in progress)


This release adds functionality, performance, and usability improvements, and simplifies installing and configuring, in the following areas:

Installing and configuring

  • Bootstrapping CGIs now disable caching to avoid issues with proxies and certain browser confusion issues
  • Reporting daemon now more closely matches other modules for database configuration
  • Creation of static data files is less error-prone
  • Perl-based applications report the ILS version for enhanced troubleshooting
  • OPAC Redirection plug-in is more generic and flexible

Hold processing

  • Hold stalling logic integrated, allowing opportunistic hold capture only at the pickup location for a specified amount of time
  • Improved report editing, allowing list-type template-level filter values


  • Default circ scripts now take copy location flags into account
  • New Goods Payment type


  • Fixed minor display issues in My Account
  • More default theme work on images

Staff Client


  • The Item Attribute Editor now offers shelving locations and stat cats from all pertinent libraries for the items being edited.
  • New Delete Record option for the Actions for this Record menu for the record details page for the staff client catalog.


  • Staff Client offers to cancel transit of manually re-targeted holds
  • Renewal failures are reported more clearly


  • Links requiring a popup, such as those for some external databases, now work properly

Bug Fix Highlights

  • Refresh holdings list after adding empty volumes
  • Patron Search interface warnings fixed
  • Repaired Inactive Patron Search, Replace Barcode and Operator Change regressions
  • All UTF-8 characters now properly displayed in Organizational Unit names
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