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Evergreen Release 1.2.2

Release date: 2008-05-02

Contributors (work in progress)


This release adds functionality, performance, and usability improvements, and simplifies installing and configuring, in the following areas:

  • General search speed
  • Cloned patron search
  • OPAC Post-search sorting and filtering
  • OPAC Advanced search syntax in the simple search interface
  • OPAC Advanced search form propagation
  • Hold processing improvements
  • Z39.50 target server record format configuration
  • Hold suspension, including manual and automatic activation.
    • Suspended holds will maintain their slot in the queue, but will not be captured until activated
    • Includes patron and staff management interfaces.
  • Hold migration on record merge.
    • When merging a set of bibliographic records, all title and volume holds for the merged (hence deleted) records will be migrated to the lead record.
  • Org unit specific soft and hard hold boundaries.
    • A hold boundary determines how far from a given org unit (by proximity) the hold processor can search to find a potential copy.
    • A soft boundary forces the system to set the boundary based on the closest potential copy. This is useful for reducing, but not disallowing transits. If there is a potential copy that's "close by", but it's not available yet, the system will continue to wait for that item to become available (or another potential item to come into range).
    • A hard boundary forces the system to not search outside of a given range regardless of the existence of a potential copy. Hard boundaries are useful for completely disallowing transits outside of a given range.
  • Enhanced added content plugin management.
    • Server-side caching of all added content for speed and reduced dependence on vendor site
    • Better handling of added content vendor timeouts (error and retry handling)
    • Amazon is now a proper plugin (images only)
  • Added support for limiting the number of checkouts by item type (circulation modifier).

More 1.2.2 information

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